Dish That I Crave: Nasi Bebek Madura by Ma’ Isah, Jakarta

Finished my super late lunch having the notoriously spicy yet delicious Nasi Bebek Mak Isa from Klender, East Jakarta.

It may not look pretty but I can assure you that the duck is packed with serious flavors! It’s a must try Madurese-origin staple food.

By the way, thanks for my fellow bloggers Febi & Ichil of Ingredients of Life for the picture.

Bebek Mak Isa (photo courtesy of IOFLife)
Bebek Mak Isa (photo courtesy of IOFLife)


Address: Jalan Bekasi Timur, Km 17, Klender, Jakarta Timur
T: 0838.5329.9980