Dish That I Crave: Nasi Bebek Madura by Ma’ Isah, Jakarta

Finished my super late lunch having the notoriously spicy yet delicious Nasi Bebek Mak Isa from Klender, East Jakarta.

It may not look pretty but I can assure you that the duck is packed with serious flavors! It’s a must try Madurese-origin staple food.

By the way, thanks for my fellow bloggers Febi & Ichil of Ingredients of Life for the picture.

Bebek Mak Isa (photo courtesy of IOFLife)
Bebek Mak Isa (photo courtesy of IOFLife)


Address: Jalan Bekasi Timur, Km 17, Klender, Jakarta Timur
T: 0838.5329.9980

Kahvehane: Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Giyanti - Alley
The pathway to the hidden haven

Hearing fantastic things about this particular coffee shop, I decided to visit Giyanti Coffee upon one sunny morning.

Tucked hidden in this leafy Menteng neighborhood, I had to go through this mysterious pathway to reach the haven.

Giyanti - Outdoor
The alfresco part of the cafe

Just before I got inside, I was presented with this wonderful surrounding that will make anyone want to enjoy their coffee outdoor no matter how humid Jakarta is. Take a look at how they equip the outdoor part with chess board, dart board, and even foosball table!

Giyanti - The Beauty
“Madame” La Victoria Arduino, the most beautiful espresso machine in town

I couldn’t find a word to say once I entered Giyanti Coffee as I quickly chose this place as my second home thanks to its awesome design and the ‘homey-ness’ factor. Aside from that, huge Petroncini roaster machine is used here, unlike many other coffee shops that use Diedrich. But the most elegant part of all was the classic beauty, handmade espresso machine La Victoria Arduino.

Giyanti - Hendrik Halianto
Hendrik Halianto, the owner of Giyanti Coffee

It was fun to know Hendrik Halianto, the sole owner of this fantastic place. He’s passionate about the business and just the right person to learn about coffee. On the top of that, he’s really clever in brewing the coffee that suits you just right! Experimenting with coffee is also one of his many fortes. Reminds me a lot of the skillful bartender from an anime series, ‘Bartender’, who can brew cocktails that suit well with what his patrons’ need!

Soda coffee
Soda coffee

Like this one for example. By using the good-looking, brand new whip cream bottle, Hendrik brewed me a good espresso mixed with soda. The coffee tasted light but works well with soda, frothy, and refreshing. The idea about combining it also with vanilla ice cream was richly applauded by the friendly crowd there! It was all we need to enjoy the hot afternoon.

A cup of piccolo
A cup of piccolo

Hendrik was serious when he said that Indonesian coffee possesses great traits and he brewed me a great espresso from Aceh Gayo beans that has cool characteristics – acidic, silky, and has a fruity finish.

A cup of piccolo was my next option and again Hendrik brewed it masterfully. The taste of the coffee lingered well and worked well with the perfectly steamed milk. It was more than I could ask and what I could not found before in many coffee shops.

Additionally, Hendrik’s wife bakes all the pastry here and one of them that I loved so much was the croissant that has rich butter with almonds. Can you imagine how fantastic it would be when combined with freshly brewed coffee?

Giyanti - Tampers
Gimme one of those tampers!
Giyanti - Family Corner
My favorite corner of the cafe

Oh, how I miss Giyanti already and would really love to visit the coffee shop again very soon. This time, it’s gonna be the gentlemen’s talk with Hendrik about his passion and the geeky part about coffee which I will share to you again sometime!




Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Surabaya no.20, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours: Wed – Sat, 9.30 am – 5.30 pm


Facebook: Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Twitter: @GiyantiCoffee

Spend: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person