Foodie Flicks: Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)

A video that will make you want to eat sushi right away. I dare you! 😀

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Already 85 years old and still going strong, Jiro Ono has seen the ups and downs of his fulfilled live and a career as a master of sushi for the past 75 years. He started small and he started it all with devotion. For him, a job is something that you should not complain about, it’s something that you have to love and that the rest of your life is to learn how to master it.

A sushi master, a sage, and a lifetime student of kaizen, in this documentary Jiro tells us about everything that he knows on how to reach the highest aspiration in life. He tells us about the tough life he had when he’s still very young, he tells his visions on how to dedicate himself for this lifetime venture, and in turn everybody tells how they fare with the master’s life – from his apprentices, from his sons, from his business partners, and from a food writer perspective. Everyone simply admires his character and his attitude as his conviction affects them in a good way and that made everyone strives to be as determined as him even though eventually they may not be able to surpass him in the end.

Jiro Ono, the owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro

This documentary shows also that he’s human after all and he has sentimentalities with his long gone parents, his sons, and his friends. He even admires a younger and a very talented chef we all know as Joel Robuchon. Of course, all his hard works culminated into a prestigious award of three-star Michelin for his famous restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro, but in the end he’s that next door grand dad that we all know well.

The best part of the documentary is about seeing him in action on how he creates his special 20 course of sushi under 15 minutes for his guests, on how his son and the apprentices take care of the kitchen from food preparations and how they do business at the famous Tsukiji fish market. It was all presented gorgeously by director David Gelb.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi tells us a philosophical story about a master who dedicates his life to the fullest, but also tells us more on how to appreciate food and the people behind it. For now, I simply hope that someday soon I could get a chance to visit Sukiyabashi Jiro and taste Jiro’s wonderful 30,000 yen set of amazing sushi! I know it’s gonna be tense to eat under a scanning old eagle eyes of his but instead, he might as well found me savoring his dishes with tearful, dreamy eyes filled with happiness.


Jiro Dreams of Sushi Poster


Drool Level: ***** (maxed out!)

Director: David Gelb

Producer: Kevin Iwashina, Tom Pellegrini

Cinematography: David Gelb

Genre: Documentary


Pictures taken from various sources


2 responses to “Foodie Flicks: Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)”

  1. Among the ‘must visit before you die’ kind of eatery ya bro? 🙂

    1. Beneran deh bro. Biarpun 30,000 yen seorang. Duh duh duuuuhhh… ;D~

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