Flavor Updates: Weekend Live Cooking (Tien Chao, Gran Melia Jakarta)

Tien Chao - Main Dining Room

An idea of having weekend brunch in good Chinese restaurants? Always sounds good! Families or couples who are simply bored with their usual weekdays breakfast could use a little change once in a while with good selections of dim sum or any hearty dish fresh from the wok. With its ‘Weekend Live Cooking’ program, Tien Chao gives a kick to fulfill the desire.

Tien Chao - Private Dining Room

For this program only, Tien Chao devises a new way to tempt its customers by putting a long table in the middle of the main dining room equipped with delightful temptations of Chinese cuisine either ready to be cooked live in front of you or already served fresh, such as the salad and its compatriots. To make it even more exciting, Executive Chef Ken Choy has even prepared up to 71 dishes made available only for this festivity.

Tien Chao - Seared cod with orange and pomelo dressing
Seared cod with orange and pomelo dressing

For starters, I made a very decent selections ranging from soft shell crab with steamed bun, Peking duck with hoisin sauce, and the unique seared cod with orange and pomelo dressing. What’s next would be of course, the all-time favorite chicken feet and xiao long bao from the dim sum family. It was quite unfortunate that there’s no juice flowing out from the xiao long bao but I found the hottest sensation from the dim sum collection that day and it was the stunning scallop dumpling with a bit of caviar on top – beautifully made, beautifully presented and was of course, highly delectable!

Scallop Dumpling with Caviar
Scallop Dumpling with Caviar
Black Pepper Chicken Feet
Black Pepper Chicken Feet
Xiao Long Bao
Xiao Long Bao

To seal the day, a bowl full of good old fried rice with salted fish was combined well with the wok-fried Australian beef served upon a dragon fruit and these babies became a great continuation after the delicious dim sum. Imagine how the dragon fruits gave a refreshing sensation to the wok-fried Australian beef, which was juicy and tender, and splashed with rich black pepper sauce. It’s all indeed a Sunday brunch you don’t want to miss.

Tien Chao - Fried Rice with Salted Fish
Fried Rice with Salted Fish
Tien Chao - Australian Beef with Dragon Fruit
Australian Beef with Dragon Fruit

Available only on Sunday (check for availability).



Halalness to be confirmed (pork menu and liquor are served)

Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Address: Gran Melia Jakarta, Jalan H.R Rasuna Said (Kuningan) Kav. X-0, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30 am – 2.30 pm
Dinner: 6 pm – 10.30 pm

RSVP: +62.21.526.8080


Pricing: IDR 200,000 – IDR 400,000 / person