Foodie Quotes #1

An important reminder to start your day tomorrow! 🙂 ‘Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first.’ – Josh Billings By the way, I’m actually testing this cool theme I just applied for TGA. With this, I hope I can reach a new level of relationship with you,Continue reading “Foodie Quotes #1”

Bandung, The Creative Culinary City (Let’s Eat Magazine, September 2013)

Bandung, a hidden jewel encircled by scenic Parahyangan hills and was nicknamed Paris van Java. With the inauguration of direct toll road between Bandung and Jakarta in 2005, finally the city becomes more accessible for the capital’s modern influences. Even so, Bandung has always been proud with its heritage and innovations in culinary from way back. Now, the tale of these two cities has reshaped Bandung into a city filled with exciting gastronomic options!