Flavor Updates: Cold Brew Coffee (Yellow Truck Coffee & Tea Co.)

Yellow Truck - Cold Brew Coffee

What intrigues me rather than Yellow Truck’s rich collection of coffee beans, packaged neatly with detailed information, or even the La Marzocco machines there is actually its cold brew coffee. This particular beverage is sold in a form of a medicinal bottle, which literally may cure your drowsiness. By the way, I took one of these babies and gave it a taste.

The process of making cold brew coffee takes time as it uses cold water and requires an overnight soaking. After at least 12 hours, or some also say 15 hours, the coffee will have to be filtered through a sieve and it’s ready to be served. It may sound easy but experience will tell you how to measure the ratio and other aspects about it.

Some usually pour cold brew coffee over rocks, some add it with milk, but I prefer to drink it straight to have the original idea about coffee. And as written on the bottle, I was pleased to find traits such as medium amount of acidity, mild, and with a clean aftertaste. It also possesses a hint of sweetness which made my wife really fond of it. Before, I never thought that she’s gonna love straight coffee but thanks to Yellow Truck, I can now ask her to join me having bold coffee brews next time! 😀

Of course I would recommend you to have it with extra rocks and/or fresh milk. It will definitely give the coffee a new dimension and for coffee lovers, new experience with coffee day by day.

Will definitely come back for more, Yellow Truck!

Priced at IDR 25,000 / bottle




Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Pajajaran no. 6A, Bandung – Indonesia
Jalan Hang Tuah Raya no. 9, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours: Everyday, TBA

Twitter: @YellowTruckCafe

Spend: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person





2 responses to “Flavor Updates: Cold Brew Coffee (Yellow Truck Coffee & Tea Co.)”

    1. So far so good. Layak dicoba lah dibanding kopi2 dingin pada umumnya soalnya pake metode yg beda. Jadi pengalaman baru. 😀

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