Quikskoop™: Lotek Buah Batu (Herry Thea)

There was a time when I was still single and I took my family around Bandung to discover new, hidden places for good lunch or dinner. Avid Sundanese like us love anything with vegetables. Well, you can name so many dishes that involve vegetables in this particular province and of course, the indigenous lotek is one of them. Being one of the best, Lotek Buah Batu indeed has a special place inside our hearts.

Thanks to my fellow foodie from Bandung, Banyumurti with his love of Indonesian food at http://www.banyumurti.net, I decided to choose Lotek Buah Batu to be featured as one of the street foods of my choosing for an article at Let’s Eat Magazine. Initially I was visiting RM Jalan Macan first; famed for its lotek, rujak, and kolak, but it was closed due to Lebaran holiday. Thankfully, my mom suggested me to visit Lotek Buah Batu instead and it’s also nearby. Perfect!

Lotek Herry Thea - Exterior

Although still retains the name of the street, this particular lotek has relocated to a new place not far the original location. Just turn left around 200 m to Jalan Solontongan and you’ll find it on your right side. Lotek Buah Batu now resides in a permanent building and seemed to enjoy its reputation now as clearly seen from signs that ask people to be patient with the queue. Lucky that I arrived quite early and served right away because not long, lunch seekers started to come one by one.

Lotek Buah Batu serves lotek with the options of raw or boiled vegetables. My mom advises me all the time to always pick the boiled version just to be safe, although I used to pick the raw one whenever I came here. The formation of the vegetables is pretty much the same with any other lotek stalls you would encounter in Bandung, but Lotek Buah Batu makes the sauce sweeter than most. On top of that, what makes lotek nowadays a bit expensive is because some famous lotek serve their lotek with a generous amount of peanut sauce and making it very fulfilling. I had my best of time having the nostalgia while savoring this proud Sundanese dish I had known since I was a kid. Have it your way with your favorite crackers and I bet it’s gonna be the best lunch you’ll ever have in Bandung!

So, you now know where to go for good lotek as an alternative for my favorite granny’s recipe at Lotek Kelenteng. If I recall, there are around three to five other great lotek sellers in Bandung and in time, I’ll share you all with the stories!




Suitable for vegetarians

Address: Jalan Solontongan no. 16, Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours: Everyday, TBA


Spend: IDR 15,000 – IDR 20,000 / person


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