Quikskoop™: Es Durian Ganti Nan Lamo (Padang – West Sumatra, Indonesia)

The King of Fruits! Who would dare deny its exotic taste, its silky and sultry texture, and its intriguing appearance? I bet most Asians love it, especially those who came from Southeastern part like us here in Indonesia. But due to its pungency both in flavor and fragrant-wise, it’s a fruit that’s also shun people especially from our Western counterpart. For instance, even Andrew Zimmern himself cannot take this challenge.

By the way, here in Indonesia we all do love to enjoy durian in many ways. Traditionally we break through its thorny exterior and enjoy its delicious meat plainly. Some even can finish several fruits in one time, although it’s not good for your health from what I heard (well, I have never been a hardcore fan of durian). Or if you don’t want all that fuss, we can find hawkers selling one version of es durian where they put one piece of the fruit with its seed and combined it with condensed chocolate milk with black glutinous rice sprinkles. Simply delish!

Another example came from Es Durian Kantin Sakinah in Bandung with its colorful combinations and still remain as the best in my heart.

Es Durian Ganti Nan Lamo - Es Durian Party!

Now this particular version in Padang came out rather differently. Without doubt, Es Durian Ganti Nan Lamo brings this certain corner of Padang’s Chinatown a good livelihood for people around as it has successfully opened up two stores, a similar competitor just across the street, and several food vendors hooking up with it in order for them to ‘survive’.

Without doubt, Ganti Nan Lamo’s version of es durian is still a tempting one and I’d do it over and over again whenever I’m in Padang. They have a bowl full of durian essence, probably as a result of blending, and they only need to pour it over ice and give it a kick of condensed chocolate milk for every serve. There’s the Minang version of also combining it with local famous es tebak thus giving the es durian more texture and something to chew with. Even they have the ‘floating’ version by giving it three flavors of ice cream. Of course, I really recommend it doing the Minang way here with es tebak!

What’s probably missing for us, who came from Java, is that the es durian from Ganti Nan Lamo lacks the fiber texture of the fruit. We didn’t feel something to chew upon and there’s no seed at all. Well, I guess we still like it the old way, or for me The Sakinah way, but still it’s a good treat on a hot day or even for anytime!

Even if they have permanent place, I suppose cleanliness comes on the bottom list of priority and occasionally people coming in asking for money over playing guitar or just simply begging like in many street food hawkers. Well, I call it as something that we have to be thankful upon. What’s better than having good food and also a chance to help others in need?

To conclude this up, hopefully Ganti Nan Lamo will always experiment new ways in serving es durian and that one day, it’ll be as colorful as any experience you can get from any hawkers only in one-stop and that’ll be here, on the city filled with legendary culinary scenes!




Must eat: Es durian tok, es durian campur (es tebak)

Spend: IDR 20,000 – 30,000 / person

Address: Jalan Pulau Karam no. 103B, Padang – West Sumatra, Indonesia

Telp: +62.751.26203

Opening hours: Everyday, TBA


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