TGA Events Highlights – April 2013 (Updated)


APRIL 2013


Please note that some of the venues may serve alcohol or non-halal ingredients.



Chef Oriana Tirabassi
Chef Oriana Tirabassi

The openness and the cheerfulness of the Lady Chef of Rosso are among her wondrous traits during our short encounter back at the restaurant several weeks ago. In my life, I have met many confident chefs with glorious career, the modest kind, or even a shy one but with indisputable skill in cooking.  Ms Tirabassi is of different breed. She’s not only friendly but she’s also honest with her feelings and the way she tells a story, so very womanly but also heartwarming at the same time.

Saffron Risotto
Saffron Risotto
Foie Gras Risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano
Foie Gras Risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano

So, last time I was at Rosso, she presented a graceful creation of intriguing risotto dishes with their unique combinations. The first one was the saffron risotto the way the legendary Gualtiero Marchesi made apparently. With its yellow-ish appearance, Ms Tirabassi added additional vanity on the top of the dish, the edible gold. The same goes with the second risotto which was topped with foie gras and encircled with chunks of edible gold.

This particularly tricky dish was well made by the lady chef as I was encouraged to dig more and more. Risotto as we know it has a very thick character but Ms Tirabassi made it evenly balanced with the rice being not too sticky and the stock was not overpowering everything. I’d vote the foie gras version as the best among the two.

Altogether with her charming personality, Rosso has become one of the strongest contender of great Italian restaurants in Jakarta. Too bad that the risotto promotion came only for a while. Nevertheless, I really have to explore more of her creations but I’m gonna save for another time. Probably sometime soon, who knows! 🙂



As part of Le Meridien Jakarta’s cultural events which is designated as a non-branding for the hotel, except for the Illy part, I was taken on a journey to discover the latest perspective on coffee appreciation.

Le Meridien Jkt - A New Coffee Perspective - Invitation

The event was more about to introduce people on how to enjoy coffee more, introduce the importance on how to treat the beans like queens, interact more with your barista, and ultimately play it your way with the machine. Illy has been more than kind to provide the events with two of its captains, Mr Michael Gibbons and Mr Eduardo Vastolo. After the presentation explaining how coffee now can be an artisanal stuff like wine, it’s brewing time ladies and gents!

Le Meridien Jkt - A New Coffee Perspective - Espresso MachineLe Meridien Jkt - A New Coffee Perspective - EspressoLe Meridien Jkt - A New Coffee Perspective - Iced Cappuccino

Started from espresso and hot cappuccino, these two baristas also demonstrated on how to make good foam from the milk, how to make good iced cappuccino, and a little bit of latte art. The rest of the event took us for another adventure with Le Meridien’s coffee-infused recipes on vol-au-vent, mille feuille, and other sweet delicacies provided on the banquet.

Personally, it’s an added-value for my already existing knowledge and I finally involved myself in brewing my own espresso, a thing that I’m actually afraid of when I visit my local coffee shops although I know the owners quite well. Now I guess it’s time for me to immerse myself deeper with the world of coffee in the future!


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