Halal Facts: Regarding Halal and Non-Halal on The Gastronomy Aficionado’s Reviews

Hi everyone!

It has come to my attention that more and more demands for clear halal-ness notice on every restaurants and even hawkers have grown so much lately in the whole world. Some countries have managed to regulate this much disciplined than Indonesia and honestly, even sometimes I feel safer eating halal food in Singapore or Thailand.

Therefore in order to cater this, I would like to revamp my posts a bit from time to time and inform you all with the halal-ness of the restaurants I’ve been through all this time. Even so, I’m still pondering about how to classify the categories.

I was thinking to easily differ between halal-certified and not halal-certified, as the Islamic rules out that food should be differentiated between halal, haram, and subhat (doubtful). But I also cannot argue that in Islam we must also have good prejudice (husnudzon) after a series of test whether an establishment has performed a separation of cooking, cutlery, and other aspects to rule out the halal-ness of the food.

Another consideration should be also given for restaurants who happen to have not yet received any certification of halal-ness from MUI (Council of Islamic Ulema in Indonesia) and for that they self-proclaimed already that they are serving halal food. Clearly there are many aspects needed to be considered but my resolve is that I am more determined to give my readers the right information regarding this.

So for the time being, I encourage the Muslim readers to always perform self-check upon doing your dine-outs and I am very welcome to any suggestions/additional inputs about this matter. For a start, I will browse through again everything that I have written up until now, perhaps calling every restaurants manually, and asked whether they have a certain certification of halal with its unique ID. Later, I will put the information into each post and the index as well.

Let us work together for the betterment of the society and may Indonesia, in particular, will soon become a country with a high awareness of what’s halal and what’s not. 🙂