Quikskoop™: Soto Bandung Ojolali

One of the most unique version of all these soto came from Bandung. Usually, we found the broth thickened with coconut milk or possess yellow color but this one came plain and translucent, but many people prefer to kick it with Indonesian sweet soy sauce in the end. Different from the soto we found almost anywhere, the one from Bandung uses diced or sliced beef. To make it even more distinctive, Indonesian radish and fried peanuts are also a must add. The rest is pretty much the same, you squeeze a bit of lemon to give it a sour taste which blends well with its savory taste. It’s light, refreshing, and enjoyable.

Our Experience: Mie Belitung Atep (Linked, February 2013)

Segala sesuatunya sudah dipersiapkan dengan baik pada tahap penyajian. Mie yang sudah direbus lalu disiram dengan kuah yang berisi banyak udang-udang kecil. Setelah itu ditambahkan pula berbagai topping seperti potongan kentang, tauge, tahu goreng, bakwan (tepung yang digoreng dan dipotong berbentuk dadu), serta tentunya didampingi oleh emping. Kuah untuk mie yang berwarna gelap ini terasa cukup mirip dengan kuah lomie namun tidak terlampau kental dan sudah dibuat agak manis. Konon Mie Belitung Atep menggunakan kecap manis lokal yang hanya diproduksi di Tanjung Pandan.

Flavor Preview: Luscious Macaroni Treats (Macaroni House by C’s Kitchen, Jakarta)

One time Macaroni House knocked my Twitter door and offered me their wonderful macaronis. I was in fact very keen with this as I have always been in the state of homesickness wherever I’m at. Well, I’m not exactly that sentimental but for me Bandung has always been the city that taught my foundation in appetite and all the basic flavors I know now came from there, so it’s gonna be a treat if someone offers me great treats that have always been in line with my life’s history.

Then came exclusive packages filled with macaroni of different flavors!