Yuky Penkeik - Banana & Honey Pancake

Several years have passed and the pancake fever may have not yet subsided here in Indonesia. It was all began with Pancious and now we have Nanny’s Pavillon, a more ambitious player who keeps on opening new stores of different theme even until this very day. Aside from them are mostly the give-it-a-shot opportunists, some ended their endeavor quite swiftly and the rest survives until God knows when.

Basically, what they do revolve around serving pancakes or its derivatives by creating eye candy combinations from sweet to savory toppings. Even so, what’s best for me is still the traditional version with butter on the top and flooded with maple syrup, sometimes I add a good old scoop of vanilla ice cream there. Sounds good right?

Okay, with all these ravings over this Western staple dish which usually consumed during breakfast time there and that we can compare it with the all time favorite nasi uduk  or bubur ayam, it became obvious that things have slowed down after a few years of its existence. Even so, Yuky Penkeik arrived boldly and flourishes ever since much to my surprise.

Yuky Penkeik resides just beside a courtyard in a salubrious neighborhood nearby Jalan Dago, Bandung and presented itself in a small wooden hut. Around the neighborhood also, we can find similar endeavors using the same presentation. I didn’t know who started it but this concept clearly feels cleaner than the usual hawker but also less intimidating than a restaurant and in the end, everybody likes it a lot!

Yuky Penkeik - Sugar & Vanilla Ice Cream Pancake

Its pancakes may be too simple and not that satisfying if compared with other established compadres I mentioned earlier but then again Yuky Penkeik easily attracts students mostly since it is of close proximity with two famous national universities and Jalan Dago and of very affordable price. Make no mistake, even from this humble exterior, a full-house is pretty much guaranteed especially during lunchtime and afternoon tea time.

Well, I cannot guarantee full satisfaction from its dishes especially that last time I had a very salty spaghetti bolognese. Even so, I had a really good time enjoying a hot tea time there with my wife after a rainy afternoon. So next, I am aiming for Yuky Penkeik’s comrade just across the street, Bestik Demang.




Unsuitable for vegetarians


Jl. Buah Batu 205, Bandung – Indonesia

Jl. Teuku Angkasa No. 28 B , Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 12 am

Spend: IDR 10,000 – IDR 25,000 / person

Website: http://yukypenkeik.com/

Facebook: Yuky Penkeik

Twitter: @yukypenkeik


12 responses to “Quikskoop™: Yuky Penkeik”

  1. elvina febriani Avatar

    penkeik.. Lol.. Somehow it portraits a very sundanese attempt to localize the pancake

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Semuanya dibuat biar attract customer dari semua segmen. Penampilan sederhana, harga murmer, terus namanya juga sekalian Indonesianized. Lucu2an tapi menghasilkan juga ternyata. Hehe..

  2. cindykn Avatar

    Is it real maple? Real maple is expensive and some people prefer the fake stuff (corn syrup).

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Nope, Yuky Penkeik uses honey instead of corn or even maple syrup. Any particular pancake creation that you’re fond of back home or anywhere?

      1. cindykn Avatar

        There are two kinds of pancakes I am fond of. The big and flat pancakes like the ones in your photograph look very beautiful, and they are so flat that you can stack them up nicely, so it’s always fun to look at and play stacking tower game with them. For eating, I like fluffy pancakes. Fluffiest pancakes have egg white foam (air trapped inside egg white bubbles) in the pancake batter. Make them no bigger than 7 centimeter in diameter (in fact, the smaller the better!), so they can rise up tall and not fall flat. For an interesting taste, you need something sour like sour cream or buttermilk in the pancake batter. All the pancakes places I’ve tried here don’t have this. If available, I add in malted milk powder. For toppings, berries are good if you can have Driscoll berries. If not, just use good butter (Anchor or Wisjman) and maple syrup. If using ice cream, I like Haagen Daszrum raisin.

      2. Rian Farisa Avatar

        Now that you mention it, it’s quite rare to taste something sour on pancakes.
        Usually it’s just the same thing here but they play more with toppings.
        Preferably, I’d love something simple and your version using Driscoll berries sounds good indeed.
        Thanks for sharing, mate. 🙂

      3. cindykn Avatar

        I understand that sometimes (if not, most times) simple is better. But when you keep it too simple, it’s just too plain. So if your pancakes taste like nothing, and all you taste is just the topping, why bother having (and making!) pancakes at all, why not just eat berries and ice cream on their own?

      4. Rian Farisa Avatar

        Well that’s exactly why I would want the pancakes to emerge as the star. With good butter and maple syrup, that’s as close as I can get to enjoy it. But of course it’ll be a waste if we just stop there, then the adventure takes in with interesting toppings and perhaps next time, the sour pancake like you said.

  3. Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto Avatar

    Halo Mas Rian! We met at the BonChon food tasting at City Walk, but we didn’t manage to chat a lot, but I just wanna tell you that I love your blog, the whole design and the layout of the blog, especially your photos :). Keep up the great work!

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Hi Hans! It’s been awhile!

      Really appreciate your support there and I do hope to keep on giving the best for my readers. 🙂
      See you mate!

  4. the two tales (@thetwotales) Avatar

    love your review! i did my undergrad in bandung so this post def evokes some good old memories 🙂

    anyway, please check out our new blog at http://www.thetwotales.com


    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. Well I guess we all do have special places in our hearts during the college years right? 🙂

      Will be following your blog from now on! Thanks for sharing. 😀

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