Flavor Preview: Fish Cakes (Otak Otak Si Dia, Jakarta)

Fish Cake
Fish Cake

Used to be a white-collar worker for a few years back around Sudirman – Jakarta and it was the time when I had my fun with office canteens, snacks from office pantry, street foods, and also restaurants around working premises. Even with all that fun, one thing that I really miss was the moment when I ascend or descend the lengthy crossing bridges on Sudirman Street only to smell fish cakes wrapped in banana leaves being grilled by the sellers on their bicycles. Just the smell of it drives me crazy, even so I’d rather have real fish cakes back home or bought from a quality vendor instead.

Until one time, I had the chance to taste the 4,000 rupiah worth of fish cake each from Otak Otak Si Dia. Yes, it’s a catchy name but it does sell good stuffs. Made from a mixture paste between mackerel and Asiatic spices, these otak otak has always been a great choice anytime anywhere. Otak Otak Si Dia’s version has exactly what I need from fish cake – right degree of chewiness, grilled moderately, fragrant, and dense, making the every bite of it fulfilling. Moreover, the fish cakes came with two kinds of sauce – spicy red chili sauce with vinegar and the original peanut sauce. It’s a treat indeed as most fish cakes are only accompanied with peanut sauce only.

Oh how they can mix up these unusually set of characters in the sauces with their ever-tempting fish cakes. It may be a tad too spicy with the red sauce so all you got to do is just dunk it in with the original sauce, or simply have it your own way. A box full of delights was delivered overnight but all it took was just for 10 minutes for us here at home to savor it completely.

Now that I’m talking about it, I’m gonna have to order some again soon! Can’t wait to have my snacking time again with these babies.


Unsuitable for vegetarians
Delivery only

T:  +62.21.2617.0180



Image courtesy of The Yummy Traveler