TGA Events Highlights – February 2013

Introducing the new monthly food events highlights!

This particular post compiles short stories about culinary events I attended during that month.
The events are ranging from new dishes, new chefs, new openings, and many more!

Make sure you’re the first to know and be the first to savor these excitements!




Please note that some of the venues may serve alcohol or non-halal ingredients.




Bacchus - Beer-battered Prawns

Bacchus has always been intriguing for me back since my days working on an office premise just nearby the hotel. Although it might be small in size but it is lively and warm. Sometimes I was even peeking on their televisions broadcasting football matches. Yes, Bacchus is also a sports bar regardless the name it took from the polytheists’ god of wine and intoxication.

Recently Bacchus introduced its latest line of snacks accompaniment for the visitors. Some of them are not finger foods though but certainly these fit the characteristic of Bacchus itself as a sports bar. This time, Asiatic influence becomes the theme and I found some of them interesting, but the rest probably needs just a little bit tweaking.

For example, the chicken wings were just awesomely good and spiced up. The chef particularly seasoned it with the famous combination of five spices (go hiong) and has a good degree of sweetness as well found there. The Thai beef salad with mango and roasted chili vinaigrette was refreshing but a tad too salty. I was actually looking for Indochinese signature style of acidic taste and with more scents of herbs there, though it was really good nonetheless. I couldn’t say much about the beer-battered prawns or the mussels steamed in rice wine and lemongrass though due to my dietary restrictions. 

Bacchus - Curry

Still coming from Thai influence, the main dish that day was a Thai lamb and coconut curry with basmati rice. The meat of course, came in good quality but the coconut curry felt more like opor curry in Indonesian cuisine. Although the color was grey-ish but actually I was hoping to the dish to have a distinction in flavor rather than opor but paradoxically speaking, I was also became homesick all of a sudden. But the most objective thing I can say is that probably the curry needs a kick somewhere, be it more spicy or possess more of our beloved Asian fragrant herbs or spices.

Bacchus - Burgers

The finale was actually far from the Pan Asian theme but it was a good option for snacking in Bacchus. Well, actually you will find it more plentiful than snacking. It’s the trio burgers of wagyu beef patty, fish, and chicken with each combined with their own usual sauces – the fish came with tartar sauce, chicken with barbecue sauce, but the beef was left plain so that you can savor the goodness of the patty thoroughly. It also came with fried cassava resembling French fries, pickles, and our beloved chili with tomato sauces.

A good experience although next time I really need to try their pasta a la minute that my former office colleagues said delicious. Until next time, Bacchus!




SATOO Garden reflects a marriage of the hotel’s buffet restaurant and contemporary urban lifestyle in an understated, natural ambiance. The venue is a hip and chic semi-outdoor.

With a view of the hotel’s lush garden and its butterfly-shaped pool, SATOO Garden restaurant and lounge is the perfect place for guests to relax and unwind while enjoying the surroundings. It offers all-day dining and, as an extension to the SATOO restaurant, features an open-kitchen international buffet during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I had a great time for the opening party and as expected, food and drinks were overflowing with stalls attended by Shangri-La’s finest chefs and cooks. Drop the beat, DJ!




Bonchon’s Myun

BonChon Indonesia just recently unveiled its new dishes, Original Myun and Spicy Myun, which will soon become available in March 2013.

Food bloggers were invited to one of BonChon’s branches at Citywalk Sudirman – Jakarta on one fine morning for a brunch session. It was great to also taste other menu rarely ordered aside from my usual chicken wings such as kimchi soup, BonChon bites, mochi and flakes.

The myun is basically inspired by spaghetti but using a certain Korean noodle that resembles soba. BonChon sidekicked the noodles with chicken based ‘Korean bolognese sauce’ and chicken cutlets. After I tasted it, my personal feed back for this dish was specifically about the lacking of ‘chewiness’ for the noodles and for the Original version, a more savory spirited sauce is also needed.

But ultimately, what I expected most would be the chicken cutlets. BonChon has always been the place where I seek great fried chicken with its  bravado spicy sauce but unfortunately here, the cutlets were simply bland. Though I can understand why the chef doesn’t want to challenge the myun taste but it was a bit out of balance. Thus, I suggested the cutlets to be seasoned lightly or to give it a hint of spiciness just to make it all according to expectation. Hopefully our ideas can be considered well and looking forward for the reengineered version of myun next March!




Starbucks Gambir Outlet

Starbucks Coffee Indonesia has opened their first ever train station outlet at Gambir – Jakarta. Opens from 5 am until 8 pm every day, customers now can enjoy their favorite drinks on board the train. Smoking and non-smoking area are both available here although personally, I was hoping that the upper floor should be the non-smoking area and air-conditioned.

To celebrate the opening, me and the food bloggers were also given the opportunity to savor great alternative beverages aside from coffee such as Hojicha Tea Latte and Green Tea Latte with Espresso. Mind you that the latter may contains coffee but I love these new creations and wouldn’t mind to trade my usual Cafe Misto with these babies.

Green Tea Latte with Espresso
Green Tea Latte with Espresso
Hojicha Tea Latte
Hojicha Tea Latte

For the snacks, the trio Verona Cake, Smoked Chicken Croissant, and Tuna Cheese Whole Wheat Panini Sandwich were also nice. The tuna cheese however, could use thicker tuna to give the extra kick that we all need from a proper sandwich. In terms of size, they’re all very decent!

Verona Cake
Verona Cake
Tuna Cheese Panini
Tuna Cheese Panini
Smoked Chicken Croissant
Smoked Chicken Croissant

So for train-goers, you might want to check this outlet out whenever you’re in Gambir and be sure to personalize your drinks, especially your usual dose of black goodness!


Some images are courtesy of respective owners


2 thoughts on “TGA Events Highlights – February 2013”

  1. Nice reviews 🙂 Btw, if I’m not mistaken, the up-stair level at Sbux is smoking area with open windows. They will turn on the air-con only for special events.

    1. Thankies Teteh Selba. Oh kyknya aku ketuker deh, soalnya yg kepikiran di dpn toko yg smoking, trus di dlm sama di atas yg non-smoking. Hehehe..
      Abisnya yg di dpn bar sama sekali ga ada tmpt duduk juga padahal udah ada meja panjang.
      Nanti aku revise yaa. 😀

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