Marina Bay Sands - Overview (Credit for Timothy Hursley)

As a global city, Singapore, as we all know is geared as a hub of commerce with its buzzing businesses, piercing skyscrapers and advanced tourism. Now, Singapore’s hegemony in the region is further strengthened by the presence of Marina Bay Sands.

True to form, Marina Bay Sands has become a mecca for the avid gastronome. Top international chefs such as Daniel Boulud, Guy Savoy, Tetsuya Wakuda, Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck have opened their restaurants here and quickly attract visitors who wish to savor high class dining experience. The hotel itself has a number of very successful F&B outlets which cater to the myriad of guests in this almost 3,000 room property. Daily the hotel serves up thousands of meals all very well orchestrated by its expert team of chefs. We might ponder on how they could possibly run a vast operation involving the upkeep of every aspect of a structure this massive alongside thousands of guests and staffs to be this smooth.

Manning the F&B ship expertly is Mr Tamir Shanel, who is Vice President for Food and Beverage. Starting from pre-operations, Mr Shanel has overseen all aspects of the department with a deft hand. His critical involvement includes planning, day-to-day operations of all F&B programs from in-room dining all the way to the celebrity chef restaurants, casino restaurants, and banquets are indeed of great importance. ‘The celebrity chef restaurant concept is definitely the most interesting part of all and also the latest innovation of today’s hospitality business. I’m proud that we can introduce this to Singapore’, said Mr Shanel, who spearheaded the success of this venture by bringing six world class chefs to a single property.

The technicalities of this huge operation are ably run by Executive Chef Christopher Christie. His domain is the underground Heart-of-House, an immense labyrinth that serves as the soul of Marina Bay Sands. He and his team take great care of the eating and drinking needs of the hotel’s guests as well as the 7,000 plus employees who work there. One can only imagine the logistical complexities of this operation at this scale – from managing ingredients storerooms, preparation kitchens and staff meals, to fulfilling the needs from the guests, every single day! A job of this magnitude requires him to walk over 15 kilometers a day to oversee everything. It is indeed an admirable effort for this high-spirited chef to be able to manage everything smoothly.

MBS - Rise Restaurant and Lounge

Clearly, the hotel F&B outlets become the first choice for anyone staying at the trio towers. For all-day dining, Rise is definitely the busiest place as it caters most of the patrons with quality service and politeness. The food is not lacking of praise as Rise marries a vast array of fares successfully between Chinese, Indian, and Western. Putting more emphasis on Asian food, Rise offers the popular selection of sushi and sashimi, roast duck, tandoori, noodles, spring rolls, Singaporean laksa ,and many more.

Western fare is also very well represented with widespread option of cold cuts, smoked haddock and gravlax, a la minute pasta, raw seafood, lamb rack, prime ribs, and the sweet note ending of bread and butter pudding alongside other inviting desserts.

MBS - Rise Restaurant Buffet Spread

Fuse can be a good choice to relish your personal concoction of drinks wile SweetSpot offers a wide range of pastries and chocolates expertly crafted by Executive Pastry Chef, the talented Mr Ryan Witcher. Additionally, Jin Shan is there as a fine option for a high class Chinese cuisine.

A visit to Sky on 57 is probably one of the most stunning experiences one can have while at Marina Bay Sands. Located literally on the top most level of the hotel, the restaurant boasts 360 degree views of the city and the sea. The 12,000 square feet restaurant boasts a bar and lounge that greets guests upon arrival, a main dining area with four private rooms, and lastly, the outdoor terraces with their million dollar views. Chef Justin Quek, may appear quite eccentric with the Elvis-style sleeves of his chef’s jacket and his trademark quirky smile but with his extensive experience and skillful creativity, make Sky on 57 a genuine delight to visit. Chef Justin’s creations resound loudly with a modern Asia flair fused with his mastery of French cuisine. His interesting interpretations of Nordic crab vermicelli, Maine lobster Hokkien mee, and Wagyu beef rendang are among that should not be missed. Quite recently, he also invented Lobster ‘Marco Polo’ using the XO sauce and his signature foie gras xiao long bao. For the dessert, French’s macarons are incorporated with pandan and gula jawa or the palm sugar brought special from Java, Indonesia.

MBS - Sky on 57 Interior

Aside from Sky on 57, other celebrity chef restaurants are also forces to be reckoned with. The traditional Italian spirit Osteria/Pizzeria Mozza, supreme steaks at CUT, Japanese-French unique fusion at Waku Ghin, and skillful French at Guy Savoy and db Bistro Moderne would be an experience that may happen only at Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands stands tall and proud as a symbol of luxury and grandeur. It indeed services varied needs to many, its completeness is unparalleled and it is managed adepty by people of immense experience and knowledge. Yet still, Marina Bay Sands continues to expand and evolve, to make sure that its guests and patrons are very well served. Surely they will continue to unveil surprises in the culinary scene and further extend the reach of its domination around the region.


Marina Bay Sands

10 Bayfront Avenue – Singapore 018956



Pictures courtesy of Marina Bay Sands

Featured in Dreams magazine – Cravings Edition, Vol III / Issue 4 – 2013


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