Mie Kocok
Mie Kocok

Mie Kocok has been quite known as one of Bandung’s traditional dishes, but many probably prefer their usual take on noodles dish only with bakso or chicken feet. So what’s the real difference with this particular dish? Let’s give a fresh look on one of Bandung’s best, Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng.

Renowned for its delicious mie kocok for some decades, Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng has always been my primary choice aside from the one at Jalan Karapitan or Jalan Sunda. I love those juicy beef tendons, the luscious bone marrow, the crispiness of the bean sprouts, and how rich the soup is. Yes, those are the main differences with the usual mie bakso we often encounter everywhere. Additionally for the noodles, mie kocok uses the fettuccine-like type and you should complement it all with a good white kerupuk. Delizioso!

Mie Kocok Dadeng - Bean Sprouts

Imagine the use of beef leg bones for the broth, making the soup somehow greasier, in a good way, and possess a deliciously unique taste. Sometimes I even asked for additional bakso or meatballs just to make it more fulfilling and closer to the one we usually consume. What I haven’t really tried at Mang Dadeng until this day is the sop kaki. Pretty much using the same parts of the cattle but you’re having it all with the good old warm rice.

Overall, there’s no real difference between one restaurant and another in terms of composition of the dish so basically it’s pretty much the same anywhere. What different are probably the strength of the broth, the serving of the dish, and the price. Pricewise, it’s not too steep compared with for example, a complete set of bakmi which involves dumplings and meatballs. However it’s a good, different ride on our usual noodles dish and your visit to Bandung is not complete without this part taken into account of your culinary trip.

Mie Kocok Dadeng - Facade


Must eat: Mie kocok spesial (noodles with soup, tendons, and bone marrow)

Price: IDR 15,000 – IDR 20,000


Jalan Banteng no. 67 – Bandung, West Java – Indonesia

Jalan Cilaki no. 43 – Bandung, West Java – Indonesia

Opening hours: Everyday, hours TBA


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