Dear Readers,

It’s a great pleasure for me to inform my beautiful readers that The Gastronomy Aficionado has reached a new, sensational level during 2012. Not only in terms of visitors which was doubled, I also managed to double my productivity and up to more than 100 posts were published last year only.

This will not be possible without your support and of course, my personal conviction to be a good food writer that not only stop at a certain point to enjoy the success but to deliver more and more for the sake of my own enjoyment and yours.

Hopefully 2013 will bring more energy and opportunities so that I could share the world in bigger picture with you, dear people. Meanwhile, I hope you always enjoy your stay whenever you’re here. 🙂



Rian Farisa – @gastroficionado

Click here to see the complete report.


2 responses to “TGA Milestone: 2012 in review”

  1. Selba Avatar

    Happy New Year 2013! All the best for this year and let the food rocks! 😀

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      My best wishes for you as well, Teh Selba! 😀

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