Restaurant Review: Maxi’s

Memories oh memories.. Yes I did have romantic encounters here years ago and a visit to Maxi’s has always been whimsical ever since. My intention to write about it was strong ever since as it has been one of my few favorites since the dawn era of my culinary escapades. This is the account of my last visit.

A Mini Guide to Bandung’s Culinary Perks (Jakpost Travel – January 29, 2013)

Bandung is known by many as a city of culinary adventure, with hawkers to fancy restaurants on offer to the gastronomic tourist. The Jakarta Post Travel presents a mini guide of four categories each with two options. Coupled with our previous article on eight classic Bandung dishes, our selection will surely help make your trip there delicious.

Quikskoop™: Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng

Mie Kocok has been quite known as one of Bandung’s traditional dishes, but many probably prefer their usual take on noodles dish only with bakso or chicken feet. So what’s the real difference with this particular dish? Let’s give a fresh look on one of Bandung’s best, Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng.

Quikskoop™: Es Durian (Kantin Sakinah)

For many years Kantin Sakinah has been known for a place to seek one of the finest, most indulging dessert ever, es durian. Now that the real Kantin Sakinah no longer exists, the legend goes on and apparently this particular hawker who helped to raise the legendary stature for the canteen has moved to another place still on the same street. Upon my visit though, I can only see it as a shadow of its former self.