TGA Milestone: Very Inspiring Blogger Award Badge

Hello everyone!

Just recently, a blogger friend of mine NRJS ( nominated my blog as one of her source of inspirations. Still pretty much to work on but hey, progress should be made every day right.

As for Mayang from NRJS, let’s keep up the creativity! It’s the mutual inspiration that fuels us as food bloggers to be better and better. My thanks for the hawkers inspiration and now I’m ready to rule the streets! Yosh! 😀


So please welcome.. *drums rolling

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award badge! *tadaaaaaaaaa~

Very Inspiring Blogger Award Badge

As for you, my nominees, please support your source of inspiration by following these rules:

1 Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2 Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3 Share 7 random things about yourself.
4 Select 15 blogs for the award.
5 Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

I know it may be hard to spare your time doing this part but consider this as an appreciation for the hard work our fellow bloggers done so far. Keep up the good work, guys! 🙂


Do I really have to do this? Oh okay, I’ll just comply. 😀

Oh well, here’s 7 random things about me:

1. I always try to do a post/day regime for my blog but it’s too challenging sometimes. So I ended up crying on my bed and fell asleep instead.

2. I can talk about coffee for hours and hours over cups and cups of coffee. Therefore nerds and geeks alike, hop in aboard! As for the rest? You can go back to your dreamland. 😀

3. Any religious issues or political? Come by and let’s converse. I’d love spending time for great discussions over coffee. In fact, I’d love to create controversies since I feel that in life,one must do something outrageous. Well, at least once.

4. My weight stays almost the same for the past almost 3,5 years of blogging about food and I rarely exercise. Wanna know the secret? 😉

5. I walk a lot during my travels spending hours and hours by just reading maps, asking directions, and trying anything new abroad, but most of the time I rarely leave my room back home. Is that even normal? Hmmm..

6. I scored goals when I play football on my gaming console even when my eyes half-closed in the verge of falling asleep. Care to challenge my finesse? 😀

7. I just love teasing my wife for fun only to seek her certain expressions and reactions. I’m just too fond of her! XOXO


My most inspiring blogs:

1. Wanderbites

2. Anak Jajan

3. Cannelle et Vanille

4. What Katie Ate

5. Epicurina

6. Culinary Bonanza

7. The F Biters

8. Selby’s Food Corner

9. The Foodologist

10. Lost Islamic History

Well, just ten for now. Haven’t done a lot of blogwalking lately. Pardonnez moi but I love you all truly my fellow foodies.


Okay then. Let’s back to writing business again shall we? Chins up people!

4 thoughts on “TGA Milestone: Very Inspiring Blogger Award Badge”

  1. Thanks for nominating my food blog as your inspiring blog.. so flattered 🙂

    Hey.. we’ve never had coffee together, let’s have it someday together with the others!

    1. You are my inspiration Teh Selba even before I started having my own blog. 😀

      Sure, let us have that coffee anytime yah! Will meet you soon anyway in a food tasting somewhere. 😉

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