Flavor Preview: Tartlets and Butter Cookies (de Jaap Baking Co., Jakarta)

Ms Lia Rimaldi may be one of the most enthusiastic bakers I have ever met and one who understands well the power of social media to promote her beautiful creations. Under the name of de Jaap Baking Co., Ms Rimaldi started his baking business just recently on June 2012. Inspired by her grandmother’s genuine Dutch recipes, Ms Rimaldi is now setting her course to conquer the world of butter cookies, tartlets, and cupcakes from her kitchen at the vicinity of Alam Sutera, Jakarta.

Enthusiastic as she may appear, she delivers her goodie stuffs often personally and communicates well with her customers. As a start, she also approaches established F&B outlets and also people of high statures in culinary world. In short time, she has been able to perform some trial and error for her products due to inputs from those notable people, marketed her products swiftly, and now getting ready for her own brick and mortar shop of her own soon.

An opportunity was given to me to taste how her products a while ago and I received several tartlets and butter cookies. Two types of tartlets, the blueberry cream cheese and Nutella toffee. While the butter cookies were of no ordinary type one you’d encounter anywhere – filled with peanut butter.

I had gone crazy after sampling these beautiful creatures. The blueberry cheese tartlet was awesome and I had my adventure with many gradations of flavors there – the sweetness, the sourness, and also different textures. But on the other hand, it was also quite tedious with the Nutella toffee tartlets as they were too focused on being sweet and nothing else but sweet. Perhaps Ms Rimaldi can work on a bit for that matter, on how to make it more colorful.

But the stardom goes for the butter cookies, even my wife gone crazy over it and left me only with one butter cookie. It was milky, sultry, and fancy. I like the sweet stuff but as I reached the peanut butter, it felt like I was heading to a happy ending. The flavors mixed and matched well! Not only that I found it ingenious but also made me crave more for it! Looking forward to fulfill myself with jars of butter cookies like these.

I applaud Ms Rimaldi’s passion for baking and looking forward to taste more from their creations. For further inquiries, do not hesitate to just twit @deJaapBakingCo and create your own adventure from there!

Bon voyage!


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QuikSkoop™: Ryoshi

Strategic and omnipresent? Yup, that’s Ryoshi. Again, I tell another story for Japanese cuisine craving while in Bali. It may not be wise to do it too often because Bali holds so many treasure for you to dig in but one cannot hold it when the urge comes out.

Sushi Tei may be famous back in Jakarta or Bandung, but not here ladies and gents. While some outlets may appear humble or small, many favor or at least mention about their inevitable encounters with Ryoshi. While richer in menu selections than Kunti on my previous post, Ryoshi still prides itself in presenting the classic style dishes.

So we got a good bargain for discovering their new outlet just nearby Discovery Mall at Kuta and that was a solid 20 percent discount for their soft opening period (until July 2012 only). There, Ryoshi becomes an open air restaurant but with a roof on it. The entrance is a stairway surrounded with beautiful pillars and dining sections on the side of it. An air conditioned indoor dining room is also available further inside alongside the usual tatami section.

On the contrary with Kunti, the menu was designed well and helpful. The waitress was also highly knowledgeable and helpful by explaining the details of the dishes adeptly. Even though the outlet’s still new, this kind of thing ensured us that we’re in good hands. But too many expectations there as I have to wait my seafood okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) although it ended up well. For the time being, we enjoyed also the Japanese style fish carpaccio (sliced raw) which I forgot the name was and the beef donburi (rice bowl).

Plenty of options from appetizers to main dishes consisting of sushi, sashimi, menrui (noodles), yakimono, donburi, and other usual choices you encounter at any Japanese restaurants. Bottom line is that Ryoshi would be the easiest and casual choice for everyone. With an affordable price tag, quite similar with Jakarta’s, Ryoshi is something that I would want to seek again whenever my family or my wife, in particular, would like for something common and comforting. With plenty available outlets everywhere now, I have no worries.




Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Wi-fi unavailable

Address: TBA for address details. Currently Ryoshi has several outlets at Seminyak, Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, and Galeria Mall.

Opening Hours: Daily, TBA for opening hours.


  • Seminyak +62.361.731.152
  • Kuta +62.361.766.302
  • Sanur +62.361.288.473
  • Ubud +62.361.971.192
  • Galeria Mall +62.361.751.684

BB Pin: N/A

Email: N/A

Website: TBA

Facebook: TBA

Twitter: TBA

Atmosphere: Best visited during night time. Warm and cozy, especially the latest outlet at Kuta just beside the Discovery Mall.

Ambiance: Conversational.

Service: May be slow at times.

Pricing: Around IDR 100,000 – IDR 150,000 for two.