Dear my beloved readers,

Finally I decide to announce my new milestone of several achievements. Some of them are probably long due but I think that later is not always worse than sooner. So here goes.

Upon my career as blogger/journalist, I have found so many elements unpredictable and delighting at the same time. As you may notice, even from the beginning I have been always faithful to my passion, writing in this matter, and even at one point decided to resign from my full time job and to pursue this to the world’s end.

Fruitful is the right word to describe my state now. There are so many blessings, intangible or not, that have become the source of my mirth and joy. Through hardships and prayers, finally I set up a new milestone today.

It’s a day that marks my sixth month of becoming a full time blogger/writer/journalist and from here the new horizon feels like miles closer. After years of working with printing media and establishing good network with everyone, finally it’s almost my third time now to appear on TV.

The horizon never seen before from a blogger’s paradigm, a food blogger in this case, is what I called earlier as unpredictable yet delighting. It’s an open road from now on and for the sake of my love, my passion, and my dedication for you dear readers, I shall continue to contribute the best and strive to be better each and every day.

I hope this small post can become an inspiration for everyone, that the glory I have still sought is getting nearer and nearer within my grasp. So can you share the spoils unknown before, great stories unwritten before, and universe unexplored before. Shall we then?

PS: Sorry, I just recently watched Coriolanus and the wordings definitely affected by it. Haha.. 😀




4 responses to “TGA Milestone: The Guy on TV”

  1. Ata Avatar

    Congratulationssss :))

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Thanks a lot, Ata! 🙂

  2. Natasha Avatar

    Awwww niceee! Kapan tayangnyaaaaaa ?? apa uda kelewatan nih gw? :p

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Udah trnyt hari Selasa kmrn di Trans7, Natnat. Ogut juga ndak liat. Huhuhuuu..

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