A cup of good coffee is a cup full of desire. To achieve that would be a job for the passionate. That’s how I see people behind the bar of the most serious coffee shop ever in Jakarta. As the news of aficionados and connoisseurs come and go this establishment every day, that’s enough reason why I cannot contain anymore the desire to visit 1/15 Coffee at Gandaria.

I just had full stomach from a breakfasting invitation back at Marutama Ramen – Plaza Senayan. It’s still Ramadhan time and the traffic was friendlier after Iftar as mostly people had returned home before that. Though still risky, I decided to just give a go and see how’s it going to be. My wife approved it instantly in remembrance of a very nice time we had at Noah’s Barn in Bandung a couple of weeks earlier.

Almost full house! I was quite amazed that even at around 10 pm, people still hanging around for a little bit of chat, lots of health, with a dose of black liquid goodness at 1/15 Coffee. A round of long black as usual after dinner has always been a customary treat for me and from several local and Southern American beans, I opted for the one from Guatemala this time. Four serving options for single origin coffee from syphon, kalita wave, V60, and chemex are available all day. I had experienced syphon many months ago back at Kopi Javva and this time, I chose the hand-brew machina namely kalita wave.

It’s basically a pour over method through a filter before heading for the cup, but you have to do it over and over again until it reaches the proper level. Suited for around two cups serving, I savored through the coffee with ease. It was light with a distinctive fruity taste and an acidic note before reaching finish. But make no mistake, because I had trouble sleeping until 2 am and I had to wake up again for sahur at 4 am. Well, to experience sleep deprivation is one of the beauties of Ramadhan anyway.

FYI, currently 1/15 Coffee is brewing single origins from Panama, El Salvador, Toraja, Guatemala and Costa Rica. I was also offered one from Bolivia. Sounds interesting especially if you know more than just drinking it. As for me, I’m still a beginner and this fascinates me to learn more and more every day.

It was a satisfactory experience but due to the busyness and me being a bit introverted that night, I decided to just sip it peacefully without further discussions with the experts. Actually it’s a miss since I saw @peminumkopi and Mr Andrew Tang – third place 2007 Singapore barista championship (according to Mr Daniel Kauranny) attended the cool La Marzocco Strada behind the bar. As for the service, one of the waiters must actually read the coffee list of the day to spell out what’s available for that night but he did that in full spirit. Though eventually he forgot to bring me a glass of water, well that’s okay anyway.

There goes my swift report from the newly established serious coffee shop in Jakarta. Another visit and further discussion would be lovely! Upcoming coffee story will be from Noah’s Barn Bandung with their cool Synesso Hydra machine and tons of hand-brew gadgets from the dynamic duo of Hank and Guido. Stay tune!




Some menu suitable for vegetarians

Wi-fi available

Address: Jalan Gandaria I no. 63, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening Hours: Daily, 11 am until late (Ramadhan hours, afterwards TBA)

RSVP: +62.21.722.5678

BB Pin: N/A

Email: info@1-15coffee.com

Website: http://1-15coffee.com

Facebook: one.fifteenth

Twitter: @115Coffee

Atmosphere: Minimalist but doesn’t really feel too homey, unfortunately. Smoking section is well-separated.

Ambiance: Cacophonous even at late hours during Ramadhan. This coffee shop draws serious attentions from coffee lovers!

Service: Attentive but forgot to bring me a glass of water. Yah, that’s okay.

Pricing: Around IDR 75,000 – IDR 100,000 for two.



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