Staycation: Fave Hotel – Seminyak, Bali (Aston International)

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Looking for an affordable stay at Seminyak vicinity can be quite tough. If you don’t want to look that thoroughly  then the choices are limited, unless you’re looking for a long place to stay. Within that limited amount of time and the proximity considerations, it was clear that only for that one night, the seemingly right choice was given for Fave Hotel.

Many things made me happy already with the decision. Not only that I have a good bargain price of around IDR 300,000/night but it’s also nearby numerous Seminyak attractions from shopping (though mostly expensive, but that’ll keep the wife happy just to let her browse) and as for my turf, the food.

For direction, Fave Hotel has been known well among taxi drivers and they can quickly recognize it even with a wrong pronunciation (Fa’-fe). If you’re lucky, the driver will take you through the relatively unknown small streets to avoid the jammed main routes to Seminyak. After around half an hour drive, we finally arrived at the hotel.

The facade of the hotel appeared modern, the typical minimalist type you see nowadays. While it appeared appealing so far, the booking problem arose. We booked it online directly from the hotel’s website on the previous night and when we arrived the next evening, the reception’s still not getting any sign of our booking. In this case you will have to show the booking confirmations from the email or the printed one. ID and credit card will also be needed as the guarantors. What annoyed me was that after all was finalized, the booking confirmation then appeared.

The good thing was that the rest of the services went good – from the bell boy, the masseur and when we checked out. The room itself was quite neat but with cheap appearance especially from the furnishings, honestly speaking. Well, that’s what you get from the price but bottom line is, both the room and the bath room were clean and the bed was very decent with additional point for clean, good linens. My wife had a nice in-room massage with an exemplary service from the masseur. So far, they have not yet constructed special space for spa & massage. As for the gym, I suppose it’s just optional because it’s better if we spend the whole day at the beach right? But it’s also not nearby from the hotel.

Our room viewed the vicinity around and there was no sign of beach, but it’s much better than getting the view of another hotel wing. For me personally, as long as the room is neat and clean, those would be a major big plus and Fave Hotel successfully delivered it. Not only that it’s affordable, equipped with Wi-Fi in every of its room, we also had our privacy – with the only noise came from outside of our room’s door managed to breach for just a while.

Probably the only problem was the breakfast. It was not inspiring, especially with the stale vegetables on the salad corner, and the service was a bit slow as well. For those of you who are too lazy to venture around, the hotel also provides adequate swimming pool, though I would opt for the beach instead. A sports bar is also there to comfort your legs and thirst from all the adventures.

Proximities to plenty dine out selections and shops are also friendly. It’s very easy to find cabs or help for any directions as well. So in all, it was a good budget decision but you might want to find better options for prolonged stay. For shorter stay, two days tops, then this establishment would be very suitable.



Jl. Abimanyu 9A, Seminyak – Bali, Indonesia



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    Wow, bright cushions!!!

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