Staycation: The 101 Legian – Kuta, Bali (PHM Hospitality)

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A good starting point for your first time in Bali? Legian area might be the best choice for you. Not only that Legian is one of the most developed area, vibrant, and strategic, it’s also very accommodating to any budget segments. The beach, restaurants, and your nightlife needs are within walking distance. Some of these were clearly considerations that I took when I decided to savor a night in Bali after two nights respectively in Seminyak and Tuban. After quite a thorough search, it seemed inevitable for me to choose The 101 Legian.

The 101 Legian works just right between many issues and needs. I was actually pleased when I saw the facade for the first time – fresh, modern, and definitely stylish. To my surprise, a Starbucks store is available on the mezzanine floor but the entrance however is located on the top of it. It will require a little bit of lifting through the stairway, then getting past a security check just before heading up with an escalator. This ascending process might prove difficult for some especially with disabled people, so at the very least make sure that somebody from the hotel assists you with the luggage and let them know if you need any assistant.

The reception area is very spacious. While queuing for your turn or waiting for any appointments, do a little bit of exploration here. On one side you will find standing internet corner or choose any sofa that you like and lounge a bit there. While on another side, the bar is there to comfort your hot with some refreshments.

The hotel itself is not a high rise building and at the third floor you will find an excellent swimming pool, plenty of cabanas for your leisure spot while viewing the sunset, and then topped with the multifunction hall for dining and party. One thing in mind that you need to be aware of is that The 101 Legian often becomes a regular venue for DJ and parties, even for high school parties! That one time after we checked in, I found a letter of apology from the management notifying that there would be a party held until midnight. This is actually something that the reception should tell at the very first place so that we can opt for a suitable room with minimal disruptions. But they did not and I would suggest you to be proactive in this instead of accepting your fate with burdens. At the very least, we can prepare first should there’s no more room left to choose.

Plenty of offers that you can see with online bookings and make sure that you choose the most appropriate package and price with your needs. I chose a basic package for around IDR 700,000 with breakfast for two. The room was very comfortable, clean, and casually stylish. Dominated by calm wooden colors and already cooled with AC, I felt instantly content with everything. The bathroom may be small but nicely decorated and sufficient. Aside the high level of comfort, internet is available for free but you need to ask first for the password and it will be usable for three days. The view from my room was basically the outer surroundings of the hotel and the sea was still out of range. Some rooms, however, cursed with only inside views of the hotel. Again, you might want to make sure about it first before receiving your room key.

Perhaps the only issue was the noise they made from the party on the rooftop. In the morning, the breakfast was quite decent and sufficient amount of choices were available. Bottom line, your breakfast is guaranteed. Other things that you need to consider trying are the spa & massage facility, the beautiful cabanas and the swimming pool, and lastly have a walk around the vicinity. It’s pretty much nearby to anything. The beach is just 15 minutes of walking and around the hotel itself is pretty packed with shops, restaurants, and bars.

The 101 Legian was a pleasant experience indeed especially from the room factor and the overall service, aside from the party noise and not notifying me about it but hey, it’s Legian! Even if you don’t party, it’s pretty much covered with loud live music from bars nearby and it’s not a laid back place indeed. So, plan everything right and placing your choice here is highly recommended.



Jl. Raya Legian no. 117, Kuta – Bali, Indonesia



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