Italian ristorante is something you’d easily find all over Bali, be it owned by an Italian or just a warung that sells pizza. Though may already sound very familiar, but I’d like my share as well for telling the tales about my experience of savoring Warung Italia’s pasta and their specialties, the cold buffet!

A good friend of mine once told me about an eatery that serves affordable Italian food. The name’s Warung Italia and I had been intrigued since then. After months and months, finally I got my chance to visit Bali but didn’t even think about locating the place first! However weird this may sound of me to locate certain eateries and study the whereabouts of secret passages from the map but reading maps is proven useful to me, especially when you’re dodging the traffic in Jakarta.

Well, then I thought that perhaps by asking the locals I’d come across the place sooner or later when in Bali. Who knows! By sheer luck we stumbled upon Warung Italia on our way to the hotel from the airport and it’s just within walking distance! It was a great joy and an immediate visit would be inevitable.


We took a short walk from Fave Hotel for an Italian lunch there a day after we arrived. Legend has it that the real difference of Warung Italia aside from other Italian restaurants is their famous Italian dishes buffet. While my wife ordered the kitchen-made fresh ravioli which was nice and light to my surprise, the buffet seemed more appealing to me somehow.

The spinach was unintentionally became the theme of the day. Not only that my wife had the spinach ravioli but I also picked a very ‘spinach-y’ lunch that consisted of stir-fried potatoes, lasagna, cannelloni, and the sautéed spinach. It was a tough choice actually, somehow I regret that I didn’t venture more with selections like crespelle, calamari ripieni, melanzane parmigiana, zucchini parmigiana, pollo pizzapiola, and other alien stuffs rarely found plus the salad.

Potatoes, lasagna, cannelloni, spinaches

Everything was decently flavored and very affordable but the downside was that all of them served cold. The buffet was just left open without any source of heat just to at least keep them lukewarm. By luck, it’s better to savor them all up right after they finish serving it straight from the kitchen but God knows when.

Additionally that time we also enjoyed the coffee gelato and was again tasted very nice. You might also want to try their pizza which everybody say was so huge and yet so affordable. Gotta try that sometime soon!



Halal-friendly (pork dishes and liquors available)

Suitable for vegetarians

Wi-fi available

Address: Jalan Kunti no. 2, Seminyak – Bali

Opening Hours: DailyTBA

RSVP: 0361 – 737.437

BB Pin: N/A

Email: N/A

Website: N/A

Facebook: N/A

Twitter: TBA

Atmosphere: Indeed feels like a good warung but certainly quite cozy and breezy. A separate section with AC is also available.

Ambiance: Conversational. It’s not that packed even during lunch time.

Service: Not bad at practicalities but certainly not trained fully in courtesy, knowledge, and any 5 star thingy.

Pricing: Around IDR 100,000 for two.



7 responses to “QuikSkoop™: Warung Italia”

  1. Sharan Ridders Avatar
    Sharan Ridders

    may favorite meals are always italian dishes because they are quite spicy and tasty.’

  2. triwikantipramono Avatar

    IMHO, i think it’s not halal-friendly if it has a pork menu. Even if a moslem can order the beef or non pork menu among the other menu. Because they’re not separating the cooking processed between the beef and the pork. 🙂

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      You have the merit for that. Momentarily, I am considering to revamp my blog a bit and give clearer advice about the halalness of the restaurant/food – be it halal-certified or not halal-certified. That will make it clear for people whether they’re eating halal, haram, and even subhat. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the advice! Will see to it as soon as I can.

      1. bayuamus Avatar

        Bro, that has been my thought some while in the past as well, especially with the confusion of the rules, even within fellow moslems. In the end I came up with four degrees of halal: HL0-HL3 where the first is considered subhat/eat at your own risk, while the last are those legitimate bodies (i.e.: MUI) certified, more about them here:

      2. Rian Farisa Avatar

        My thanks brother! Do you mind if I share this post also on my blog? This will be very useful for formulating my way to share about the halal-ness of food with people. 😀

  3. bayuamus Avatar

    I guess I saw a microwave oven on my last visit but I didn’t ask if it can be used to reheat the food; as I’m a cold-food lover do didn’t really mind :). Another thing I constantly notices however, is the straight-faces; not to the level of unwelcoming but wasn’t feel truly welcomed as well. Nice enough food though.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Yah not bad lah but I’d rather consider Warung Italia as an emergency place if you really want to eat quick, relatively affordable lunch around Seminyak. I’d rather ask your recommendations first whenever I’m in Bali next time though. 🙂

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