A catchy name and an alien dish for me. While I prove myself not prone to catchphrases but certainly I cannot resist the temptation whenever I hear of Middle Eastern delight namely falafel. The name of the establishment may sound ridiculous, Happy Falafel, but still a temptation nonetheless.

I was strolling around Caplak Tanduk street to search for the secret way and get myself straight to Drupadi street up to Mama San by just walking. It was a ridiculous attempt until finally I had to succumb by choosing taxi as my final means of transportation. Meanwhile, another pressing matter required a swift respond – my wife’s growling stomach. You might find plenty of choices around that street but then again, one must feel comfortable with it. So where to now since Warung Italia was a bit too far and it had to be nearby our hotel (Fave Hotel), so then I can rush for the appointment with ease?

Then came.. Happy Falafel! Oh dear..

With a neat and fresher appearance than its neighbors and moreover, offers intriguing dishes, I convinced my wife right away to choose this place for a quick dinner. Instantly we opted for a sandwich falafel and it came to hit us hard with its enormous size. For the fillings, Happy Falafel is more than happy to serve you plenty of choices from its salad bar. Clearly the falafel meatballs were the most important part of the sandwich and to accompany those lots, we picked couscous, carrots, hummus, cabbages, bell peppers, with yogurt.

Rich and deserving I suppose?

Not really, especially with non-vegans like us. It felt just like eating salad but with a strange sauce and unusual vegetables. Clearly an adventure for both of us but I expected the falafel could be more appetizing than that. Even so, a comparison study will make a fairer judgment even though I have to go as far as Al Quds!

Falafel Sandwich

The best part probably was the carrot with its distinctive taste and crispness but if that’s the reason why, seriously, it didn’t feel as if I’m wholly enjoying the traditional Middle Eastern food.

In all, it was still quite a decent appetizer but evidently with that size alone my wife was still craving for more! For those of you who doesn’t like falafel, there’s no need to worry. Plenty of other dishes available and mostly they’re quite healthy. Pita bread, sandwiches, and not to forget the lassi for a fresh ending.

As for me, I got the chance to know a bit more about the exotics and rarities you won’t find that easy back in Java.



Halal-friendly (pork dishes and liquors available)

Suitable for vegetarians

Wi-fi available

Address: Jalan Caplak Tanduk, Seminyak – Bali

Opening Hours: Daily, TBA


BB Pin: N/A

Email: N/A

Website: http://happyfalafelbali.com

Facebook: Happy Falafel Bali

Twitter: TBA

Atmosphere: Relaxing but may be a bit humid since they only provide fans, but it’s Bali! People love getting sweaty!

Ambiance: A vibrant street in front of the cafe but not inside.

Service: They will just warm up the bread and the rest is up to you baby!

Pricing: Around IDR 100,000 for two.



2 responses to “QuikSkoop™: Happy Falafel”

  1. Mo Avatar

    curious and love to try one day…!

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Seru ko Mas Iqbal. Sesuatu yg baru aja. Tapi di Jakarta juga mestinya nemu2 aja kok. Hehe..

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