TGA Milestone: What’s Cooking in 2012?

Dear readers,

How are you?

I hope you are in tiptop shape since it’s about time to enter a new year and I bet you have great agendas to celebrate it.

As for me, I am currently having a peaceful one, partly because I’m rejuvenating myself after a tiring but joyous 2011 and also aiming for new things. There is no time to stop thinking about what I want to invent and having great fun in-between.

First thing first is perhaps to fill in the gaps I made in some sections still written as TBA. Next is to present the most convenient way to share the details about ratings, addresses, etc. So in all, it’s still pretty much the same but my idealistic thoughts won’t let me, forever, to present something half-baked.

So assume that I will treat you the best of my ability as a writer, a critic, an aficionado, a cook, a photographer, a moviegoer, a traveler, and anything that I could seek and share for my satisfaction and yours! Let’s pray that we have the strength to carry on and bring the best!

Well, that’s it from me and see you next year! Thanks always and God bless.



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