It’s far and literally over the rainbow though worth the effort. Nicely designed and owing many thanks to the greatness of Mother Nature for providing such an excellent landscape of lush and beautiful greens, not to mention the freshness of mountain air and its cool breeze.

Originally heading for Selasar Coffee for the exact same reason. Good morning breeze, good coffee, and great place but the intersection gave me a temporary dilemma. To the right, Selasar and to the left, Burgundy. I took the risk right away by choosing to go left. It was a wondrous journey of climbing  up and up to the mountainous area that surround Bandung. Until I hit the newly established, but still vacant, resort town by Pramestha that miraculously gave the shortcut to Burgundy and to as far as Lembang!

Anyway, Burgundy would be a great place to spend your brunch time, lunch time, late afternoon tea or coffee, and even dinner though I pretty much opted for the broad daylight time of the day for the beautiful landscape since at night you can only have the romantic dinner minus the night lights of the city since this hilly side is on the other side of Bandung!

We came too early at 10 AM and the kitchen starts at 11 AM so we chose to have the coffee first. Mine’s would be the standard black coffee and my wife with her iced caramel latte which I actually amazed since it’s a bit chilly there. The service was supreme but at several occasions we were assisted by the not-so-confident staff. Though helpful and polite, he’s hesitant in ‘fulfilling our demands’ when we asked about olive oil and parmesan cheese.

The coffee itself was not that bad although they don’t have this gigantic coffee machine like you usually see at Starbucks or local coffee shops with extra budget for that kind of extravagance. While the black coffee is almost impeccable if it wasn’t for the high acidity rate. The coffee beans used to be Illy there but they don’t use it anymore. What a shame!

The caramel latte was not that impressive though but I would give them credit for the nice arrangement of it especially with the whipped cream, which however simple but it matters somehow. The caramel itself wasn’t of the best kind. I can sense a good caramel or not by the clear indication whether it tastes like a medicine or not. If it’s fresh and homemade or from the best brand, I can assure you that it’s good but when it feels like to taste a medicine fresh from the pharmacy then it’s not the best caramel. Hey coffee bars, it’s something you might want to think about!

Despite of all the good things you encounter at Burgundy, I was made petrified about how general Burgundy’s dishes are and how pricey all those that resides in it. The name Burgundy actually bears a huge responsibility. First of all, it’s a legendary region in France and that should make this place into a culinary haven of plenty of French flavor, plenty of great dishes and plenty of wine list. But they’re definitely lacking in the French section so they compensate it with a quite extensive wine list but however, not the food. It’s pretty limited, pricey, and too general.  But once again, this is my idealism and they own the place so you’d better not complain about it anymore. It’s one of their prerogative rights forgodsake!

As for our brunch, we picked a simple test of Italian pair of pasta and pizza. I opted for the Pepperoni Pizza (IDR 45,000) and her for the modest Tomato Pasta (IDR 30,000). Jeez.. They should have thought for better names but then again, it’s another series of their prerogative rights!

The taste was not special especially for the pizza no matter how you may succumbed with the fullness of your tummy for encountering 8 slices of a thin pizza baked halfheartedly. Thank God they invented olive oil to fix the mess. While the pasta itself was quite okay with the tomato sauce not too overpowering, light, but still fulfilling. We switched our dishes halfway since she preferred the pizza. Not too shabby but still requires research about how real Italian serves real pizza. And oh, don’t forget to learn more about the pasta as well.

For your lovely night you can have your usual fix of steak, poultry, and fish. The exotic side of Asian dishes are hefty priced so you might want to accompany your wine preferably with the Western dishes. They do however serve a very expensive dish of Wagyu steak for as high as IDR 1,000,000! But you gotta order it a day prior and still in doubt about everything since you wanted everything to be perfect because of the long journey so that one million rupiah steak better be good!

In all, as a Bandung citizen I’m proud that we’re now escalating into a new level but I still found it rather ‘uncultured’ if you compare it with posh eateries from Jakarta who designed their establishments carefully in style, picking cool names for the dishes, importing foreign chefs, excellent service, great food, and at the same time putting a hefty price for providing such luxuries. Here in Burgundy I found no heavy reason for the expensive price aside from the good service and the nice place. Perhaps you should put more weigh in those reasons and I can find my way back again to visit you. But for those of you who doesn’t pay too much attention for those stuffs, you’d still enjoy the place and the cool air though. Good for you then! 🙂

PS: I’m using the experimental lo-fi pics for this posts. Enjoy!


Jl. Raya Maribaya no. 163, Lembang

RSVP : 022- 2787 126, 2787 126

Delivery Availability: Dine in only.



Twitter: @burgundydine

Halal Meter: TBA

Vegetarian Friendly: TBA

Ambience & Interior: Everything’s great. The air is cool, the landscape is amazing, the decor’s good but they just lacking in…. vineyards! Which is understandable of course.

Service: Uneven while some staffs still in doubt about specifics such as olive oil or parmesan but some also have confident in countering my requests.

Pricing: TBA

Recommended Dishes: TBA

Reservation: Recommended especially for weekend.

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri 11 AM – 11 PM, Sat 11 AM – 12 AM, Sun 10 AM – 12 AM

Payment Methods: All cards accepted.


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