TGA Milestone: 30,000th Hit!

Hello everyone!

In case you’re not aware, well.. this baby of mine has now reached her 30,000th hits just yesterday! Yihaaa~!

It’s a significant increase since the 20,000th hit last February and started this website actually 2 years ago also in February.

Anyway, I decided to make some fresh changes which will be announced later. As for now, I just want to thank you all for being a loyal patron of my website and my meaningful adventures. I will strive to continue my writings and to share my experiences and thoughts with you all.

Thank you! ;D


2 responses to “TGA Milestone: 30,000th Hit!”

  1. Congratulations…! Let’s celebrate this at our Dragon Court! See you soon..!

    1. Many thanks!

      Let’s arrange the date sometime soon and I’ll be there for sure. 😀

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