We often forget about the importance of being healthy. As a food and restaurant reviewer, it is imperative to maintain a healthy life to ensure that this beautiful profession can endure long even until I go way past the famous critic in Ratatouille.

Things we can do to prolong the benefits of enjoying any kind of food, even if you’re not a critic, are mostly related to sports or a good deal of physical activities, cholesterol check, or dental care.

Those may require time, energy, and money in which most of us, I bet, can’t do it religiously. So how about starting from one simpler thing that we tend to ignore?

It’s easy, it’s not costly, and it’s the key to our survival. Yes, water is the answer. It’s something that we always neglect, forget, or don’t even bother about.

Hey, that’s wrong!

Just look at Aron Ralston in 127 Hours or the Survivor series or many other grim examples and we should be grateful that here, water is abundant. But this is not a case of extreme survival but it’s a matter of health.

So this seminar sponsored by Cognito and led by Dr. Luciana, a prominent RSCM doctor and a nutrition expert, discussed about the hidden benefits of water and how we waste it just like that.

‘Water is the most essential part of the body and losing 20% of it can be lethal’, said the doctor.

Every problem starts from dehydration with symptoms easily read but often neglected. Your mouth and lips getting dry, fatigue, lethargic, thirst, less urine than usual, headaches, or worse where extreme thirst, freezing, no urine at all, low blood pressure, rapid pulse, and led unconscious.

The latest study on 2010 from Lawrence E. Armstrong, PhD and Harris R. Lieberman, PhD shows that dehydration may also lead negatively to heart performance, cognitive, and mood.

In terms of heart performance, the bigger the loss the more devastating it will be. From the loss of stamina, muscle endurance, heat cramp, up to even a coma.

While from cognitive perspective, the loss of 1.5% for men and 1.3% for women will result in fatigue, loss of concentration, headache and getting angry all of a sudden.

So the thing is, women get caught easier with dehydration way more vulnerable than men. It’s because women comprised of higher fat composition and influenced by hormonal factor alongside lower water components inside their bodies making them more sensitive. While men here comprised of higher muscle composition.

Enough science talks, the thing is get yourself rehydrated every time up to 2 litres minimum or as many as 8 glasses of mineral water. Especially for Indonesian who lives in tropical side of the earth.

Not to forget that you have to ensure the quality of the water itself. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, natrium, flouride, silica, and zinc are a must to maintain body functions work well.

Sounds good? It’s not hard right? So start your healthy life today and have a glass of water, will you? Cheers!


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