This tiny establishment escaped my eagle-eye vigilance and finally deserves me and my wife visit after its 4-month existence.

Pomodoro appears unlucky comparing to cafes on neighboring streets. Take a look at Hummingbird, Kopi Progo or Giggle Box in Progo St. And even street foods just behind Gedung Sate in terms the number of visiting patrons and popularity.

It’s easy to guess the genre. Pomodoro is tomato and deals with Italian. The place? Small and a bit homey but lack of life somehow and of course it’s because nobody’s there but us!

We decided to have a small but meaningful dish and that’s how we encountered its pizza dish called Pomodoro Supreme and shared it. Pretty extensive dishes can be found there starting from salads, bruschetta, pasta, pizza, and a miserable line of steak.

Pomodoro Supreme

Okay let’s just go back to the pizza. The contents are quite fulfilling actually but much to my dismay, the tomato sauce was just too thin and overpowered by the mozzarella and cheddar cheese. They should’ve used a name of a cheese instead of Pomodoro.

But anyway the cheese was great and I even added twists of parmesan to make it more lively. No objections about other ingredients like salami, mushrooms, olives and capsicums though they didn’t come rich.

But the one I didn’t like was the so-called prawns. It was called prawns in the menu but all I found was shrimps! And to add the pain, it’s not fresh. Shame.. Shame!

Lucky again that the pizza came in 8 slices and adequate for both of us and the cheese factor but in the end it was a less than satisfactory experience especially from the pricing factor and it’s Bandung forgodsake! Stay low and everybody’s happy!

Well.. What can I say? Even though Pomodoro’s nearby, quite cute and dare to be an Italian bistro but these efforts would not suffice. There’s gotta be more you can do. Show the love like true Italians love their food.


Jalan Bahureksa no. 16, Bandung

First ever post from my cellphone!


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