QuikSkoop™: Toko Oen

So one day, I was on my way to East Java through the Great Northern Route and I stumbled upon Semarang. My mom-in-law who used to live there knows the way around the town but had never been to this particular place. So it’s our special first time there with the whole family at Toko Oen!

Quite unfortunate that we had our breakfast somewhere earlier so I was planning to take them for dessert. It was around 9 AM in the morning and even I didn’t sure whether it’s already open or not.

Luckily, it’s open and I was struck in awe by the extreme authenticity of the place. Similar places like this also can be found in several big cities around Java like, for instance, ice cream parlor Ragusa or colonial eatery Huize Trivelli in Jakarta, bakery shop Sumber Hidangan or ice cream parlor Braga Permai in Bandung, and I heard they got something similae as well in Surabaya.

Oen’s Symphony

Again, it’s unique, antique, and homey at the same time. Probably it’s because that the place is maintained well, inside at least. The exterior is not too inviting by the way. Perhaps they want to keep certain ingenuity degrees from the building.

Seeing from the menu, they do specialize in steaks with Dutch colonial touch, namely the Bestik. See my post about Miranda for that dish. Usually the sauce was a bit different than the familiar trio of BBQ, mushroom, and black pepper sauces plus they got pork too here in some dishes. The thing is, I believe that the ice cream must be homemade!


Apart from that, they also got several pasta dishes, Indonesian, Chinese, and our prime target, ice creams! Without further due, me and my wife got the Poffertjes with three scoops of mocha, vanilla, and chocolate ice creams. While the in-laws went with other types of ice cream parfaits.

The ice cream flavors do not vary much. It’s still between strawberry, mocha, chocolate, and vanilla but the parfaits have more variations. All named in Western, Dutch, and French style and with no descriptions at all so it’s best to ask the waitress about it. Even if you don’t ask about it, I can assure you that anything you pick would be fantastic!

Poffertjes with Ice Cream

For example, my in-laws parfaits. My brother-in-law had this particular Charlotten or three scoops of ice cream with lidah kucing or literally the cat’s tongue. It’s one of those Dutch hampers shaped long and thin, taste a bit sweet and works well with ice cream or afternoon tea. While my mom-in-law picked Oen’s Symphony or the same three scoops of ice cream but with three slices of strawberry roll cake.

The coolest part should have gone for ours, the Poffertjes with Ice Cream. It’s the whole nine Poffertjes balls with icing sugar washed dark with chocolate and overshadowed by three scoops of ice cream. It was a delight where the chocolate sauce should run the campaign as the star! The ice cream was good as well and filled with signs of classic homemade taste. Nowadays ice cream feels modern with the thick flavor and not watery at all. The one in Toko Oen was just different. Anyway, I was a bit dejected by the Poffertjes, much to my dismay. They put too many eggs in the dough and it tasted too thick as the result. Although perhaps it’s their trademark or even it’s they way to create Poffertjes but one thing for sure, it’s not the first time I taste Poffertjes and I don’t have much fondness for the one here.

The endings were swell anyway. Everybody’s happy especially my mom-in-law who used to live her 24 years of youth here but hadn’t had the chance to visit Toko Oen. I bought two boxes of hampers on my way out and that seals the deal. Thank you Semarang!


Jl. Pemuda no. 52, Semarang

024 – 354 16 83

http://www.facebook.com/toko.oen (Facebook)

http://www.tokooen.com (Website)

‘A Glass of Water please!’

We often forget about the importance of being healthy. As a food and restaurant reviewer, it is imperative to maintain a healthy life to ensure that this beautiful profession can endure long even until I go way past the famous critic in Ratatouille.

Things we can do to prolong the benefits of enjoying any kind of food, even if you’re not a critic, are mostly related to sports or a good deal of physical activities, cholesterol check, or dental care.

Those may require time, energy, and money in which most of us, I bet, can’t do it religiously. So how about starting from one simpler thing that we tend to ignore?

It’s easy, it’s not costly, and it’s the key to our survival. Yes, water is the answer. It’s something that we always neglect, forget, or don’t even bother about.

Hey, that’s wrong!

Just look at Aron Ralston in 127 Hours or the Survivor series or many other grim examples and we should be grateful that here, water is abundant. But this is not a case of extreme survival but it’s a matter of health.

So this seminar sponsored by Cognito and led by Dr. Luciana, a prominent RSCM doctor and a nutrition expert, discussed about the hidden benefits of water and how we waste it just like that.

‘Water is the most essential part of the body and losing 20% of it can be lethal’, said the doctor.

Every problem starts from dehydration with symptoms easily read but often neglected. Your mouth and lips getting dry, fatigue, lethargic, thirst, less urine than usual, headaches, or worse where extreme thirst, freezing, no urine at all, low blood pressure, rapid pulse, and led unconscious.

The latest study on 2010 from Lawrence E. Armstrong, PhD and Harris R. Lieberman, PhD shows that dehydration may also lead negatively to heart performance, cognitive, and mood.

In terms of heart performance, the bigger the loss the more devastating it will be. From the loss of stamina, muscle endurance, heat cramp, up to even a coma.

While from cognitive perspective, the loss of 1.5% for men and 1.3% for women will result in fatigue, loss of concentration, headache and getting angry all of a sudden.

So the thing is, women get caught easier with dehydration way more vulnerable than men. It’s because women comprised of higher fat composition and influenced by hormonal factor alongside lower water components inside their bodies making them more sensitive. While men here comprised of higher muscle composition.

Enough science talks, the thing is get yourself rehydrated every time up to 2 litres minimum or as many as 8 glasses of mineral water. Especially for Indonesian who lives in tropical side of the earth.

Not to forget that you have to ensure the quality of the water itself. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, natrium, flouride, silica, and zinc are a must to maintain body functions work well.

Sounds good? It’s not hard right? So start your healthy life today and have a glass of water, will you? Cheers!

QuikSkoop™: Pomodoro

This tiny establishment escaped my eagle-eye vigilance and finally deserves me and my wife visit after its 4-month existence.

Pomodoro appears unlucky comparing to cafes on neighboring streets. Take a look at Hummingbird, Kopi Progo or Giggle Box in Progo St. And even street foods just behind Gedung Sate in terms the number of visiting patrons and popularity.

It’s easy to guess the genre. Pomodoro is tomato and deals with Italian. The place? Small and a bit homey but lack of life somehow and of course it’s because nobody’s there but us!

We decided to have a small but meaningful dish and that’s how we encountered its pizza dish called Pomodoro Supreme and shared it. Pretty extensive dishes can be found there starting from salads, bruschetta, pasta, pizza, and a miserable line of steak.

Pomodoro Supreme

Okay let’s just go back to the pizza. The contents are quite fulfilling actually but much to my dismay, the tomato sauce was just too thin and overpowered by the mozzarella and cheddar cheese. They should’ve used a name of a cheese instead of Pomodoro.

But anyway the cheese was great and I even added twists of parmesan to make it more lively. No objections about other ingredients like salami, mushrooms, olives and capsicums though they didn’t come rich.

But the one I didn’t like was the so-called prawns. It was called prawns in the menu but all I found was shrimps! And to add the pain, it’s not fresh. Shame.. Shame!

Lucky again that the pizza came in 8 slices and adequate for both of us and the cheese factor but in the end it was a less than satisfactory experience especially from the pricing factor and it’s Bandung forgodsake! Stay low and everybody’s happy!

Well.. What can I say? Even though Pomodoro’s nearby, quite cute and dare to be an Italian bistro but these efforts would not suffice. There’s gotta be more you can do. Show the love like true Italians love their food.


Jalan Bahureksa no. 16, Bandung

First ever post from my cellphone!