TGA Milestone: It’s way above 20,000 hits by now!

I forgot to celebrate the 20,000th hit and it’s now my second year being The Gastronomy Aficionado!

I have a lot of reason to be thankful for this achievement. It’s a modest one since plenty of other blogs manage to reach this stage in no time. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s earliest website can do it in less than a night (if what The Social Network told us right).

So back to the credits, it’s for my lovely wife and the opportunity given by God and the enlightened human beings that acknowledge the importance of restaurant reviews with me as the herald, of course. ^^

Okay, then. For you and my passion, I will do my best effort to stay ahead in this endeavor and to give you the best of my writings about food. Let’s dine in with me then! Stay tune!