Hummingbird is the latest and a very fine addition to the already enriched modern culinary of Bandung. Jakarta may boast its high-profile or international franchise brands, but Bandung with its budding cafe with their ability to manipulate or sometimes notoriously imitating but often they can offer the better quality and fiercely competitive in price.

Located on an increasingly busy and popular Jl. Progo just nearby the ever-populated fashion outlets and Jonas Photo in Martadinata vicinity, Hummingbird can be easily recognized from its white ‘bird nest’ that covers the outdoor seats. But trust me that you wouldn’t wanna be seated there on a bright sunny day.

So what’s it like inside? Well, first of all Hummingbird preserves the stature of the old colonial house it resides in but revamping the interiors only with modern style minimalist concept that relies heavily on woodwork, let alone the colonial era tiles.

The name Hummingbird itself is not just for show but you will see that they paint the details about the bird all over the walls inside. This reminds me of my cousin who cares so much about biology and he can definitely take pictures about the nature! Aside from that, the place itself is very neatly decorated and quite comfortable though most of the times are full of patrons. Well, be sure to reserve first unless you wanna get ‘grilled’ outside. I imagine though that the lighting would be very nice once the day gets dark.

As for the menu, it reminds me a lot about Kitchenette and definitely about the pancake fever lately caused by either Pancious or Nanny’s Pavillon. Luckily, Hummingbird stays off the pancake but instead follows Kitchenette to the realm of crepes and galette.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen. Allow me to introduce the new culture of modern dining, imported from France and the only herald in Bandung so far is Hummingbird! The remodeled diner a la casual and rustic French and Italian is the very heart of Hummingbird. But of course they also serve steaks and Asian course.

The usual soup and salad section is available as a good opener. Influenced heavily with potato, leek, mushroom, pumpkin, or just plain chicken and corn. Whilst the salad section also plays around with greens, chicken, and ham but also adopting Asian touch such as a bit of wasabi dressing or marinated beef with lemongrass. It’s best to just set your course from the beginning if you happen to rely on the Asian style opener, then it’s best for you to continue it with the so-called Grazing menu such as the Vietnamese Spring Rolls or Indonesian Beef Risoles and even the fried calamari with togarashi. If you want a good Western fix, then there’s always the fries, chips, and the escargot.

Potato Croquetas

Instead I picked their most recommended Potato Croquetas. It’s basically croquettes filled with beef ham and cheese served with dipping sauce. Each croquettes is served upon a Chinese spoon and there were 5 of them. Be careful because it’s hot and it’s best to just put a bit surgery and let the smokes come out then you’ll see the intriguing yet tempting melted cheese coming out of it! So quickly take the croquettes to the cold and tangy oriental sauce. Dip it. And there you go, a very inviting and appetizing opener! Don’t ruin it with the chili sauce because it’s already impeccable!

Not long after that, we were quickly served with the mains and that definitely ruined the goodness of an appetizer. Perhaps I should have told them to just bring it one by one but what to do anyway? It’s not a fine dining so just simply drop the attitude and just get along with the fun!

Lucifer Galette

I did that and my oh my, look at the dishes we had that day for lunch. For me, a galette dish called Lucifer and the fun came from the good beef patties with mustard plus the sunny side up egg with onion jam and a cherry tomato. This reminds me a lot with the one I had way earlier at Kitchenette but I felt more contented and it’s definitely way cheaper (almost half the price!). Aside from that, it was a good dish where they can elaborate the elements gracefully and with the hidden cheese, everything to me seemed like a dream come true. The savory beef patties combined with the honey mustard and the great onion jam with the brilliant sunny side up. That’s what I call a galette and I can rest easy, once again, with the price.

Mushroom Stroganoff

Next the two great pasta dishes. The first one would be the Mushroom Stroganoff. I’m not sure what to make of the name but the dish was just excellent. The fettuccine was gloriously sauced with cream and herb butter. This may be tricky because my previous experience at A Tavola, the cream sauce was just not good enough but here, it’s just different. It’s not that creamy but the taste was just surfaced and keeps on calling me to dig and dig and dig even though it’s my mom’s dish. Haha.. Moreover, the generous mushrooms and colorful paprika were just too indulging. I had a wonderful time enjoying the creamy fettucine with the fried and non-fried mushrooms plus the exotic and colorful paprika. It was just awesome.

Spicy Volcano Tuna

The second pasta dish was the Spicy Volcano Tuna and this is what I call spicy but indulging. At times, whenever I encountered a heavily spiced dishes, I’d just runaway and hide somewhere in the corner but not this one. The tuna fragrant was just too inviting to be missed and it melts good with this spicy aglio alio based spaghetti! The best thing about both dishes was that you wouldn’t wanna add parmesan or olive oil, let alone the misleading chili sauce because they were already good just the way they supposed to be!

In the end, close it with one of their pride, the Hummingbird Nectar. I got us the litchi fix and we were very satisfied with the balanced sweetness and freshness of it. We were left very satisfied in the end but more questions arose since I’m getting curious about their other dishes and especially their consistency. Surely they have made a formidable reputation with such great dishes but can they come up with future competitions? Consistency is the first key of success because if they can keep up with their style and deliciousness plus the fact that they compete seriously in terms of pricing, I believe in no time Hummingbird will lead the modern cuisine in Bandung. Hell, they’re the pride of Bandung today!


Jl. Progo no. 14, Bandung – Indonesia

RSVP : 022- 421 25 82

Delivery Availability: Dine in only.



Twitter: @hummingbird_eat

Halal Meter: Though not openly proclaimed halal as far as I know but they are using beef for their hams. That’s a good sign for a start.

Vegetarian Friendly: Yes, but limited only to soups, salads, sweet crepes and breakfast menu. Customization is to be questioned.

Ambience & Interior: A preserved old colonial house but with a warm touch of casual and modern interior of a chic eatery. The ‘bird nest’ covering the outdoor seats is the coolest part of the joint.

Service: Too busy to be of any help. Just remind them more and be patient though, they’d be very helpful in the end.

Pricing: Appetizers, Soups, and Salads IDR 17,500 – IDR 31,500; Crepes and Galette IDR 24,500 – IDR 32,500; Mains IDR 27,500 – 78,500; Breakfast Dishes IDR 17,500 – 35,500; Tea, Coffee, Juice, Beer and ‘Hummingbird Nectar’ IDR 10,000 – IDR 24,500.

Recommended Dishes: Spicy Beef Thai Salad, Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Potato Croquetas, Hummingbird Crispy Chicken, Berrylline Crepes, Ruby’s Crepes, Rufous Galette, Lucifer Galette, Mom’s Chicken Curry, Honey Coated Beef Ribs, Oxtail ‘Masak Asam Pedas’, Hamburg Steak, Braised Osso Bucco, Rosemary Infused Roasted Chicken, Homemade Pastitso Pasta, Spicy Volcano Tuna Pasta, Mushroom Stroganoff Pasta, Cheesy Gnocchi, All ‘Hummingbird Nectars’.

Reservation: Recommended.

Operating Hours: Opens daily from 7 AM to 10.30 PM (11.30 PM on Saturday).

Payment Methods: All cards accepted.


22 responses to “Restaurant Review: Hummingbird Eatery & Guest House”

  1. Rod Avatar

    I really appreciated your review. This cafe has now become a favourite, especially for an early breakfast. Went there yesterday (saturday) just before lunch. I’d recommend booking a table for lunch on the weekend. It filled up pretty quickly from about 11 am onwards. I thought it had some really good food and I recommend the Hummingbird Nectar.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Hi Rod, thanks for dropping by. Hummingbird has fast become the hippest eatery in Bandung. Not sure how they gonna manage their parking lots after they open the guest house soon though. Haha.. But anyway they do serve great meals and drinks for a very very reasonable price. Hummingbird Nectar is definitely one of them! I hope you enjoy your visit to Bandung then, Rod.

  2. horus the eagle Avatar

    Artikelmu bagus juga,
    silahkan berkunjung di blog saya @
    Get A New Articles

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Thanks! I’ll drop by soon!

  3. Tony Iskandar Avatar
    Tony Iskandar

    I went to Hummingbird this afternoon. All the big hype on this resaurant is certainly a big dissapointment for us. Mediocre foods, Pasta was so sweet, even nachos tasted sweet. I’ve never eat chilli that swweet in my life. Very good coffee I might add and it came from very nice La Marzoco machine. Overall our biggest dissapointment is coming from the Hummingbird crew themselves. Very unattentive to customer, manager that worry about his look more than his customer. Plus if you’re seating outside….this place is basically like a pizza oven. Count me out on coming back to this place.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Hmmm… You do have a good point there. But allow me to tell my side of story.

      Our first visit was awesome in terms of food and drinks. The place was nicely done but with some flaws like you said, it’s a pizza oven out there but we were lucky to be relocated inside.

      The second time was my evening visit and it was a bit disappointing since we were seated on the ‘pizza oven’ but nearby to the tray where they put dirty dishes. Lucky for the second time that we got relocated again inside.

      The third time, we had to be seated in the pizza oven but it was cloudy and cool that day so we got lucky again.

      As for the food, we did order different dishes every time we visit Hummingbird. We haven’t done consistency check properly over something we had ordered before but since we’re trying something new every time, I think that they still serve decent food. Perhaps we have to test your dishes as well next time.

      For the service, I have no objection but I also don’t think it’s special as well. I think it’s because they got crowded every time but it’s no excuse. Service has to be prime regardless what.

      I do have some objections as well.

      First of all, about the seats just nearby the dirty dishes. I suppose they need to do something about it. It’s not hard actually.

      Secondly, the pizza oven actually requires some fans to make it less hot. I see that even in lunch food courts in Singapore, they provide many fans to keep everyone feel comfortable and it’s supposed to be not a problem for Hummingbird right?

      Third, it’s the crowd but there’s no helping about a famous restaurant! They do get crowded right? At any rate however, I feel that the place is too small, to cramped, too crowded, to loud, no decent parking lots, and they’re the factors that keep the service relatively disappointing (no excuse actually). But hey, it’s Bandung and Jalan Progo specifically have seen developments unplanned but not necessarily unforeseen (compare Jalan Progo now with what it used to years ago). Clearly Hummingbird is either not ready or did not expect to be this famous this fast. It’s hard to maintain good service but if somebody does not point the flaws in it (thanks to you), they might not realize it especially this soon.

      So in all, I might have some problems with Hummingbird but I still visit them (already for the third time and there would be more).
      I’m still decently served with good food and drinks. So I think that they still deserve the chance to improve in terms of service or space or the cool air to keep everybody feel comfortable.

      But hey, it’s our choice to judge whether we want to visit again the place or not and it’s something to be respected. Now it’s up to Hummingbird then. They won’t get short of customer but it’s good to know if they also acknowledge criticisms and improve from it. So best of luck for you both. I hope you can reconcile someday. ;D

  4. Rubs Avatar

    Looking forward to try this place on my next trip to Bandung. With all the pros and cons, I’m super curious to try it out myself. Anw, I get the idea that this place is still new, if that’s the case a little offbeat on the service or food is quite understandable. =)

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Have a good time there! I had mine too although pros and cons like you say vary between people. It’s worth the visit nonetheless and watch out for dining hours though. It’s packed even for the parking slot

      Btw, a great blog you have there!

  5. Victor Sinaga Avatar
    Victor Sinaga

    beuh…googling2 ternyata ketemunya ama si om satu ini…wkwkwkw

    ….nice blog though!


    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      eits.. siapa dulu ateuh? hahahaha.. nuhun ya toy. sering2 mampir. pasti laper. 😀

  6. erinamarianty Avatar

    Kemaren abis dari sana. I know.. I know.. telat banget!!! Trus ngetweet, dan teman saya baca langsung komen: wah awas katanya makanannya pake minyak babi loh. Saya kesana makan cake-nya aja, jd saya ga keberatan. Apa ada info lebih clear tentang ini? Mu nanya ke mereka langsung kok ya… gimana… gitu… Trims sebelomnya and great review! Very helpful!

  7. erinamarianty Avatar

    argh!! udah ngetik panjang2 kehapus! intinya, mas kata temen saya cafe ini pake minyak babi untuk penyedap di masakan2nya. bener ga sih? terakhir saya kesana cm nikmatin cakenya dan pengen banget kesana lg order yg lain..

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Hi Erina,

      Sebetulnya ga kehapus tuh keliatannya. No worries. 😀
      Soal babi ini msh harus dikonfirmasi lagi krn memang jujur rasanya enak banget makanan2nya. Semoga saja bukan karena itu.
      Tp sudah dua tahun ini saya maintain komunikasi dengan Hummingbird mengenai paket2 berbuka puasa bulan Ramadhan. Rasanya sih berlebihan kalau sampai mereka ga bilang mengenai hal ini. Tapi utk kemashalahatan bersama marilah kita sama2 proaktif saja soal ini.
      Jadi nanti siapapun yg ke sana dulu lgsg info aja yah. Hehe..

      Thank you untuk masukannya.

  8. irma imout Avatar
    irma imout

    Selain tempatnya enak,makanannyapun sangat lezat dan bergizi.saya dan keluarga sangat senang sekali mengunjungi hummingbird.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Saya sependapat sekali dengan anda Mbak Irma. 😀

  9. Fiena - marcomm officer Avatar

    Dear ms Erina dan pembaca lainnya

    Saya mewakili pihak hummingbird eatery ingin klarifikasi bahwa pihak kami tidak pernah menggunakan minyak babi/ lard di semua hidangan kami yang tentunya bisa dipertanyakan langsung ke chef nya ataupun bawahannya. Kami menggunakan produk2 yang dinyatakan halal bahkan “wine” atau “angciu” saja tidak kami pergunakan utk memasak. Semoga ini bisa menjawab pertanyaan yang selama ini menjadi pikiran para pembaca.

    Lantas kenapa sauce2 inti bikinan kami terasa lebih enak walaupun tidak menggunakan msg? Long cooking process adalah kuncinya dan kami juga berusaha untuk menjaga kwalitas dari bahan yang kami pergunakan juga.

    Kami berharap bisa menyambut kedatangan ms Erina dan pembaca lainnya di kesempatan yang akan datang.

    Terima kasih.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Thank you Mbak Fiena. Semoga bermanfaat khususnya bagi pengunjung setia Hummingbird. 🙂

  10. tity Avatar

    mas Rian, bisa review tentang guest house-nya? thanks

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Hi Mbak Tity,

      Kebetulan saya blm pernah menginap di guest house-nya. Tapi rekan saya yang sering bepergian pernah mencobanya dan tampak puas.
      Sekiranya satu waktu saya akan mencobanya, nanti akan saya posting khusus di kolom Hospitality Review saya. 🙂

  11. […] Anyhow if you want to see more of the restaurant design and know more of the food, you could check this review here and here. […]

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