Literally in English means Ice Cream in a Barrel. Truly, they serve their ice cream inside of barrels of various flavors. The special thing about it besides its motto ‘The Taste of Nostalgia’ in which I don’t really get it but some sentimental people does, is that I keep on grinning every time I see the barrels. Well.. It’s just catchy. Really!

Ice Cream Gentong is a local brand. Sometimes I got bored with all the foreigner stuffs like Cold Stone Creamery, Cream & Fudge, or even Haagen Dasz no matter how interesting they might appear and what they offer. With the aura of tight competition these days, the locals are getting smarter and they can, if not manipulating some resemblances, create something new and offer a very competitive price. Though somehow lacking in creativity, they compete themselves in taste and price.

Aside from the gentong idea which without doubt is creative (because it attracts people!), Ice Cream Gentong also presents various flavors and some of them are of good quality. For example, my personal preference is the Coffee flavor. It’s mildly sweet and not bitter at all but with a strong presence of the coffee itself.

Coffee flavor ice cream

If that’s not enough, you can add either the Brownies or Oreo flavors and you’ll get yourself a better ice cream. When working solo, each flavor is not that brilliant even the basic of the flavor like Vanilla itself. Probably only the Durian flavor who can come up solo apart from being the best seller and the most fragrant one (which is tempting except Mr. Zimmer who cannot stand it!).

So for a very indulging portion of combo ice cream in a big cup, you’ll be charged for as high as IDR 15,000 only and you can add condiments like chocolate syrup, nuts, or other candy bars.

Enough reasons to try this local product for me and they are also very elaborate with their website, yet also especially when I found out that my family also happen to like the ice cream as well without me knowing beforehand. Good to hear that!



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