QuikSkoop™: Icedea

Icedea is an interesting ice cream parlor theme created by a local ice cream designer that goes with the name Prima Chakrabandhu Na Ayudhya. Icedea’s idea is ‘Idea in Ice Cream’, so in short the company’s not only opens stores for itself but also provides the idea in ice cream parlor concept and flavors forContinue reading “QuikSkoop™: Icedea”

QuikSkoop™: ใบชา Tea

I had been wanting to visit Bangkok Art & Culture Center and found it a very very interesting place. Located conveniently and easily accessed from National Stadium BTS Station, Bangkok. We arrived at this wonderfully designed, modern, art gallery that also combines with cafe, shops, and seats for just plain discussion for art, politics, orContinue reading “QuikSkoop™: ใบชา Tea”

Restaurant Review: Mandala (Aquila Asia, Nov-Dec 2010)

Heralding the classic genre of Chinese foods for almost five decades, Mandala is one of the restaurants in Jakarta that survives and without fear competing with budding new restaurants, franchised or not, with all its authenticity and proud recipes of old. Yet it flourish, though not in quantity, but most certainly through quality, reputation, and loyalty. First ofContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Mandala (Aquila Asia, Nov-Dec 2010)”