I was intrigued by this particular Youtube link my friend posted on Facebook a few months ago about a group of buddies who filmed their favorite coffee shop, That’s Life Coffee. It’s a local joint, located on Jl. Gunawarman, Jakarta. Be sure not to miss it because its presence can be very subtle despite its attempts to market itself and especially do not forget the fact that Jl. Gunawarman is a fast lane one way road where cars usually pace more and you may miss this tiny establishment.

By the way, on my way home after my visit from Mandala, the famous Chinese restaurant in Jl. Wolter Monginsidi, I decided to visit this place and of course, to do my daily writings about restaurant reviews. After I found the little place, I ascended upstairs and found out that it was a nice place actually. Though the capacity is somehow limited and you can only find mostly hard wooden chairs like in Starbucks, but if you happen to sit on the sofas which are next to the windows, you’ll get a good view of the street and busyness outside, which was quite nice.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop because they provide free wi-fi service but make sure to brace yourself if you don’t smoke because it’s a bit messy inside with smokers in which I finally realize that a good coffee shop should be free of smokers. They’re the scourge of the universe! Well.. That’s a bit too much because I used to be a smoker, not too addictive though. Hmmm.. That’s probably why..

Okay, among the extensive menu of coffee and other beverages plus some light meals, I just chose a cup of Cafe Mocha (IDR 26,000) instead. I took a seat just around the corner with a view to the street, turned on the laptop, got online, and accompanied with the coffee and sprinkles of cinnamon. So it was a good choice and I spent like several hours there, typing, sipping the coffee, while occasionally just gazing to the street watching cars and people passing by until the night comes. It was a good afternoon, really.

Cafe Mocha

But unfortunately on another occasion, me, my partner, and some of my colleagues went up there for a night-time coffee and though we spent a good time there, I was plainly disappointed by several things. First, the intoxicating smokes from cigarettes. Well, I knew all along that That’s Life Coffee is a smoking zone but a decent coffee shop, especially the ones with AC shouldn’t let this stay silent forever. At least, no matter how small the space is, keep them away in a separated section. I used to be a smoker and now also a social smoker but I can finally understand why most famous chain of coffee shops kept these likes outdoor. It’s annoying and hazardous!

Second, it’s the exaggerating level of service. Truly, they might be of good service and the hospitality level way actually too good to be true a.k.a to the level of annoying where I honestly recognized the honesty of the service but when they keep bugging you with the same question of ‘Is there anything you wish to order again?’ all the time they pass by my table or after clearing each of my friends glasses, it’s a pain in the neck. Seriously!

But the worst part of course, the coffee. I cannot understand why after all these years, That’s Life Coffee fails to deliver consistency with the coffee. It’s true that I tasted every of my friends’ coffee beverages, except one of my friends who was ‘blessed’ with doctor’s advice and ‘intuition’ for just having a glass of iced tea that night. He’s lucky. Well, anyway, all of the drinks were so bad I could even barely taste the coffee. My iced Cafe Latte was a big zero while the rest of my friends’, which I didn’t even want to remember the names, were also a total failure and an utter disgrace. You can’t even taste the coffee because it’s simply dampened with the milk or anything else. I even doubt that they put real coffee beans in those drinks.

Well, I know I said harsh words but please do bear in mind because I do love your place and I wanted it to be better and better. The competition’s hard but if you just can’t follow it, you’re seriously in danger I tell you. And oh… one more thing, with such ineptitude, I’d rather buy more expensive but assured in quality coffee because you put expensive price tag for a local joint. Grow up, dude!


Jl. Gunawarman No. 24, Jakarta – Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 739 2942

Website: http://thatslifecoffee.wordpress.com

Email: thatslifecoffee@gmail.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/pages/Thats-Life-Coffee/35203488566?ref=ts

Halal Meter: Halal.

Ambience & Interior: Conversational to the level of loud which is forgivable. The TV is useless by the way and everybody seems smoking and that’s kinda annoying.

Service: Overly polite and keeps on asking whether we want to order something else, but actually pretty helpful in clearing the table.

Pricing: TBA

Recommended Dishes: Not the coffee so far but you might wanna grab the sandwich though.

Reservation: Recommendation for a seat at a coffee shop? Humm.. That’s rare.

Operating Hours: 11 AM (Mon to Thu) & 1 PM (Fri to Sun) up to 11 PM (Sun to Thu) & 1 AM (Fri & Sat). Closed on public holidays.

Payment Methods: TBA


4 responses to “Kahvehane: That’s Life Coffee”

  1. mamil Avatar

    Very harsh, HAHAA.. but the ‘smoke’ part is indeed very annoying.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      See, That’s Life Coffee? I’m not just making it up. ^^

  2. renra cikatos Avatar

    salam sejahtera….makasih sobat infonya sangat berguna buat saya. saya suka sama artikel yang sobat tulis, sangat menarik. salam kenal yach..semoga blog sobat tambah sukses.goodluck..

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      glad to hear that! welcome aboard, mate! ^^

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