Flavor Updates: Black Forest Cake (Sari Delicatessen, Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, Jakarta)

Black Forest Cake

Just before Lebaran, we had this opportunity for ravishing this certain delight from Sari Delicatessen of Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Jakarta. A black forest cake! There were 7 of us and even if we divided it equally I still got three big slices! So the size was considerable but how would the taste become?

First of all, the chocolate was quite generous but not necessarily strong. Sari Delicatessen proved its magnanimity with the amount of whipped cream you can see on its cake. It was good however but not in the strongest sense. I mean, it can either be very sweet or a bit strong in the rum department. But Sari Delicatessen’s creation was balancely in-between. The rum was not that strong but they cover it with generous shaved chocolates. Not to mention the base taste obtained from the layers of chocolate and additional sweetness from the cherries.

In the end, it was a pleasant encounter. Heavy as it may seem but surprisingly gave me a light touch in which you might want to add more slices. Don’t count on cheesecakes for that opportunity. It’s way too thick but not this Black Forest Cake.


Taste : 7/10

Price : TBA/10

Result : Just fine.


Sari Pan Pacific Hotel

Jl. M.H. Thamrin 6, Jakarta – Indonesia



Phone Number: +62-21-2993 2755


Freshly baked breads, 70 kinds of homemade sausages and meats, chocolates, and cookies & pastries.



Daily 07.00 AM – 09.00 PM.

Enjoy 50% off after 7 PM!


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