Restaurant Review: Manhattan Fish Market

Getting ready to complete our wedding gifts, my girlfriend and I arrived late at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, Jakarta and decided to break our fast first originally at Yoshinoya. Seeing that the place’s overcrowded not only because that every seats filled but also the long queue, we quickly generated other choices for Iftar. Since Iftar will begin within 5 minutes therefore the place shouldn’t be too far from Yoshinoya. I was clinging with the hope that we should pick KFC but it’s not a choice relished by her. Well.. I was hoping more something more energizing though. We didn’t even think about the fast and cheap choice of Hoka Hoka Bento which of course the more inferior choice other than Yoshinoya and will be most likely another full house.

So as we walked down the corridor arguing about which place should we visit, we passed through Manhattan Fish Market (MFM). A choice which I had been curious about lately and offers hearty dishes similar to its closest adversary, Fish & Co.. The thought of having a dish similar to Fish & Co. aroused our appetites and instantly we decided to try this relatively new venue.

Platter dishes are actually what make this place interesting. As for Ramadhan, they even offer the platter menu for four people. Already with soup and free flow drinks with rough expense per individual around IDR 75,000++. That’s a hearty meal, intriguing and tempting Iftar for everybody!

Since there’s only two of us and there’s also option for platter dishes for two, so we decided right away without further deliberation since it’s already Iftar time. Lucky that she brought me a small bread, already chewed a bit though but I’m thankful nonetheless. ^^

Manhattan Platter for Two

We chose the Manhattan Platter for Two (IDR 189,000++) which comprised of fried calamari, fried Dory (or Cod) fish, fried oysters, and flame grilled prawn with mozzarella, all served on a huge bed of French fries and garlic bed, added with fresh tomatoes and lemons. There’s also another similar option that goes with the name Grilled Gala Platter for Two (IDR 189,000++) with mussels replacing the oysters.

The restaurant’s a bit packed in Iftar times like that with a large group occupied most of the tables and several other couples around but it’s still within control. It’s a tough time for kitchen staffs and waiters alike. Needless to say, the kitchen staffs must persevere and strive for consistency in the dishes they served. However, waiters must also ensure good hospitality and delivering the best for customers. This includes greeting, seating the customers, serving the menus, informing any promotions, giving recommendations, fulfilling any customers needs, serving the food, clearing the table after customers finished with their dishes, up to handling the bills and getting ready for next customers.

That may sound a bit too much but with the service charge of 5.5% I suppose they should’ve managed better with the service. First of all, we were not told about the discount promotions from certain credit cards although they had put the promotions in front of the restaurant. In this case, it’s their obligation to re-inform again to the customers. Also I heard from neighbouring table that they actually ordered the platter minus the garlic rice but instead they still put the rice there and separated the French fries in a basket saying that, ‘OK, here’s the fries in the basket’ without apologizing for the mistake. Either it’s an honest mistake, or just being inarticulate or even impolite, they should aware that they may encounter sharp and demanding customer all the time. Lucky for them that the customer there weren’t that demanding.

Anyway, our dishes arrived not long after that. Good thing that it’s fast though I was a bit in doubt about the quality considering that they may have fried all the stuffs beforehand or even re-fried it but there’s nothing to worry, it’s all fresh! Though I must remark that the best part of the dish would be the calamari and especially the garlic rice. The fish are OK but less delightful than its Singaporean counterpart. I was hoping for more tartar sauce but I just simply forgot to ask. At least they got pepper and tabasco.

The flame grilled prawns were highly regarded by my girlfriend but I didn’t really approve it since I prefer easier way to eat prawns and they’re not that exceptional. The fries were okay plus thanks to the lemons and the tomatoes who contributed immensely to add freshness in-between the heavy seafood.

The most controversial part would be the oysters. I was thinking that they’ll serve exactly the same as the mussels. Baked with the shells but here they drew the oysters out, then battered and fried. The taste was a bit strange since I was just having this divinely delightful fresh oysters back at C’s Seafood and Steak Restaurant at Grand Hyatt, Jakarta. In this case, oysters battered and fried seemed way too far from my imagination and this exploration didn’t really please me because it’s no longer fresh and divine but it’s getting heavy and unmerciful. My girlfriend who was just learning how to really enjoy raw seafood was utterly crushed by this unfriendly oysters. I even have to add chili sauce and mayonnaise to make it more edible. It’s just harsh so you’d best pick mussels instead.

Needless to say, Fish & Co. can feel pretty safe since MFM needs to reengineer again their cons here. With the many combos of platters, MFM could get to the edge of the competition. MFM is recommendable but with demerits such as the service and the overall taste which is still under standard. Hearty as it may seem, but it didn’t break into my heart’s contention.


Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, Level 3A, Unit FD-06-06A

JI. M.H Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta Pusat 10310, Indonesia

RSVP : 021 – 2358 1055

Also available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.




Halal Meter: TBA.

Ambience & Interior: Conversational up to the point of boredom. The ambience doesn’t suit for long stay although you gonna need more time finishing the dishes.

Service: Inarticulate, not harmonious with fellow waiters and definitely with the customers, but sometimes helpful though charged too expensive at 5.5% from bill.

Pricing: Starters from IDR 19,000 to IDR 62,000, Pasta from IDR 72,000 to IDR 109,000, Platters & Combos from IDR 119,000 to IDR 399,000, and the usual Entrees ranging around IDR 60,000s.

Recommended Dishes: Grilled Gala Platter for Two, Platter for Four with soup and free flow drinks (Ramadhan time only), and try the Cod fish instead the usual Dory fish.

Reservation: Recommended because the place getting popular these days.

Operating Hours: Mall operating hours.

Payment Methods: Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards.


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