Aro Aroy can be a good savior if you get tired of injuring your wallet or you’re not in a mood for hawkers food around Midplaza Building and Intercontinental Hotel.

The cause for your wallet injuries would either because spending too much on Japanese restaurants around there such as Taichan and Sakana which notably would cost you more than IDR 60,000 in average or spending too much unneccessary expenses on Coffee Bean or Baskin & Robbins.

Also you might get tired of hawkers food around, since I vouch that almost none of the hawkers can provide a consistently decent taste. Not to mention the cleanliness which some people may find it disturbing. Nevertheless, the clean version of Indonesian hawkers can be found beneath Intercontinental Hotel just nearby called Kantin 99. Well.. the thing is, you can get bored sometimes right?

So plenty of reasons why people might pick Aro Aroy for an alternate lunch. Not only because of wallet problem, but Aro Aroy surely offers different genre among the dominating Indonesian and Japanese cuisine in the premise. Although Aro Aroy doesn’t emphasize the fullness of Thai cuisine only in the menu, but also tries to embrace everybody’s daily appetite such as several options for Fried Rice or some Chinese cuisine dishes.

Pla Pad Pong Galee

So other than the dominating usual dishes like Fried Rice, I decided to pick a ‘native’ dish (I couldn’t be too sure though they named it in Thai) which was named Pla Pad Pong Galee (IDR 37,000) and already added with rice and clear soup. So, this dish is actually a good combination between seafood with a hint of curry, not really dominating like Padangnese, Indian, or even Japanese curry rice. A bit hot and sharp since they use also sauteed it all together with capsicums and red chilis.

I always believe that an egg in its full nature (not separating the yolk and the white) will always enhance the taste of the food. Take a simple example of the hawkers that sell fried rice. They’ll always ask you about what to do with the eggs. To mix it all up or to fry it or to make it an omelette. Personally, I’d say, ‘Hey, mix it up!’, since my previous experiences told me that by not doing that, the taste of your fried rice would be not as good as it supposed to be. It’s even better if you add an omelette over the mixed fried rice but hey, you gotta watch your cholesterol, dude.

In Pla Pad Pong Galee case, the egg was added as a mixture when the stirring process happened. Definitely adds the flavor into a savory and spicy grade. The seafood consists of cut fish, squid, and small shrimps. The rice portion was suffice as well. Reminds me of seafood with Padangnese sauce if you happen to visit seafood hawkers in Indonesia. As for the clear soup, however, was not really worth it. No matter how savory it might taste, you’d only find a small amount of vegetables and only several small blocks of chicken.

Though dining in Midplaza I Building might be quite expensive, eating in Aro Aroy can be a perfect alternative for that. No matter how unworthy the soup is, the rest of the dishes prove to be far better than just your adequate Thai dishes you can find anywhere in your usual place.


Midplaza I Building, B1 Floor. Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11, Jakarta


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