If you happen to visit Food Republic in Singapore or the one at Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur, bear in mind that you gotta visit this stall first before browsing the others. Thye Hong! Famous for the legendary Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles (SGD 4.50 for small portion) which I love dearly on my last visit to VivoCity. Coming back from a personal tour of Sentosa Island with the monorail, I happened to found another Food Republic just beside the shelter. Feels like they’re everywhere! That was around 2 PM and definitely the time for lunch!

I browse all around seeking the best food that suits my appetite and I found two! That’s the crowded Thye Hong and I was thinking a Mango Pudding from Ice Shop for the dessert (which I already told in my previous post). Thye Hong is supposedly one of the favorites in Food Republic. The one in Wisma Atria back then had its own queuing line and it’s packed with hungry mobs. Well, one of the reasons beside the good taste was probably because they have to fry the noodles first for everybody in one huge wok and then distribute it evenly for everyone. Though the one I had 2 years ago was quite good, big portion, and got these big prawns in it, I felt like trying something new for my lunch. They also got this and several other dishes, but the prawn noodle is the most famous one.

Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles

The circumstances somehow forced me to pick the prawn noodles instead. Why? It’s 2 PM and I gotta be at the airport around 4 PM for my flight back home, the long queue, and the fresh prawn noodles seemed so tempting that I didn’t want linger longer waiting for another dishes to be made because I was completely famished! They got the small, medium, and large portion for their dishes but of course I picked the small one which was actually quite big for one single person.

Turned out that my choice was indeed correct. The Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles was fresh, made out of good quality noodles, big prawns and squids, thick broth, and balanced spices that successfully made the taste so good. Even better than my previous dish! I even care to rape the prawns and add more life to it with the not-so-spicy special chili sauce. The taste was already good but you can always add more spirit into it. I was very satisfied with it, though I survey several blogs telling their experiences eating in Thye Hong, seems to me that there’s inconsistency in maintaining the taste and differs between the branches. I was thankful that my dish was great, but I really wish to return back here again. It’ll be the kway teow probably and I wanna share it with the one that I love a.k.a bigger portion! Food Republic, please open one in Indonesia and bring Thye Hong also! ^^


Food Republic foodcourts in Singapore and Malaysia (also in China and Hong Kong which I have not yet visit by the way).

Singapore > 313@Somerset, Wisma Atria, Suntec, ION Orchard and VivoCity.

Malaysia > Pavilion Mall.


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