QuikSkoop™: Ice Shop

Ice Shop at VivoCity's Food Republic

There’s nothing more refreshing other than having a cold dessert after a sweaty sightseeing of Singapore. Ice Shop in Food Republic food court has always been my best choice so far in Singapore. Why’s that? Because Food Republic is easy to be found. There are actually several Republic Plaza in Singapore plus also they expanded to Malaysia quite recently. Strategically located in Orchard‘s 313@Somerset and Wisma Atria, then also in VivoCity (there’s more actually). Also because Ice Shop sells many variants of mouthwatering shaved ice desserts.

Mango Pudding

The one I had 2 years ago was exactly the same with this one. It’s the Mango Pudding (SG$ 2.50). It was SG$ 2.00 only 2 years ago if I recall correctly.

So here’s the composition. They put the shaved ice on a small bowl, topped it with mango pudding and 2 types of diced gelatins red and green, then poured it with a bit of fresh milk and condensed milk. It’s colorful, all you gotta do just shake it and there you go, a fresh and nice dessert for you! I would also recommend you to pick the other desserts they got to offer you. A shame that I haven’t tried it all, so it’s your turn to taste ’em all and tell me about it. ^^


Food Republic foodcourts in Singapore and Malaysia (also in China and Hong Kong which I have not yet visit by the way).

Singapore > 313@Somerset, Wisma Atria, Suntec, ION Orchard and VivoCity.

Malaysia > Pavilion Mall.