TGA Milestone: Concerns, Thoughts, and Side Jobs

Hello, my dear readers. I’d like to announce few things regarding my blog. You see, it’s been a while since I last posted something but there are some reasons behind that.

First of all, I’m now really into my new blog which actually hasn’t been yet published on a grand opening scale but you can actually read it a bit in:
or here

It’s quite a time consuming process and it’s not quite finished yet but you’re very welcomed to visit the sites.

Secondly, I received several concerns about my judgment for every places that I visited especially regarding to the scores. It’s only my thought, but I’m actually considering to drop the scoring since it’s a bit misleading.

Why’s that?

It’s actually because of my nature. I have actually introduced myself and my characters all over my writings but it seems that when it comes to scoring, people still think that either I gave the score too low or they’re discouraged by my scores. Well, the place and the food may be decent for most people, but perhaps I was a bit harsh in judging and that’s making people scared to come to the place. So it’s still a thought, but I’m considering it seriously.

And finally, I wish to also change a bit about the way I’m wrapping my writings. I might add more information there, such as for instance, Recommended Menu or Credit Card Availability or something like that. Plus I’ll improve my posts with links for things I deem necessary.

Perhaps that’s it for now, so please wait for my next posts and of course, I shall return with an improved version and definitely, still harsh as ever.


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