Early morning in Bandung has always been cool and nice, but we bid our time until the sun shone up a bit and off we go to the place at around 8 AM. I’ve been dying to have a good kopitiam style breakfast in Bandung and from what it seem, Kopi Lay seem to resemble Kopitiam Oey in some way. It was just a hunch and a correct one of course! Exactly what to expect from an aficionado in gastronomy like me right?

Here’s the story. When we arrived, the place was quite huge. Resided in a renovated old colonial Dutch house, Kopi Lay coexists together with Sagoo Kitchen. The difference between those two was perhaps Kopi Lay specializes only as kopitiam style dining like Ya Kun Kaya Toastwich or Kopitiam Oey from what I said before, while Sagoo Kitchen provides the mixtures of Indonesian and Chinese culinary heritage dishes.

I shall review Sagoo Kitchen later since it opens at 10 AM so I haven’t had the chance to try it out. Judging from the pricelist though, it’s not that friendly since it was cheaper back then in Kopitiam Oey and for God sake, this place is in Bandung!! So you can actually make it cheaper. Just because you’re nearby the famous Cafe Bali of Bandung and Suis Butcher so you can continue this insolence! Well.. well.. I haven’t reviewed it yet but these prejudices (from an aficionado) have already marred their reputations. So beware, if you can’t make me satisfy in other parts, I’ll be sure to make you suffer.

Okay, the menu in Kopi Lay wasn’t that particularly extensive. They only provide coffee, tea, toasts, and buns. That’s it! It’s actually okay if you can understand what a kopitiam is and the price tag they put on the dishes, so if you got any objection about it since you got used of having big dish of rice for your breakfast, hey.. that’s your loss. Whatever..

Kopi C

The price ranging from IDR 10,000 to IDR 15,000. I chose the Toast Smoked Beef Telor (IDR 14,900) plus Kopi C (IDR 14,900). Kopi C was actually coffee with evaporated milk and it was quite good. As for the toast, the bread was good, it was thick but mild, however seemed to me that the eggs were made with MSG. That’s a mistake because naturally eggs can become the taste enhancer and adding the MSG will only ruin it plus the fact that they also provide chili sauce. That’s a bit shame.

Toast Smoked Beef Telor

By the way, my mom picked only Teh Tarik Lay (IDR 13,900) since she had her breakfast earlier. The making process seemed right but they failed miserably in creating the right composition and taste. My mom didn’t like it and I had to agree. It was a bit bland with too much ice in it. Well, the bright side was that my coffee was just fine and they got good internet connection there. The place was also quite nicely designed. I shall explore this more and put an end should any insolence occurs.

Teh Tarik Lay

Location : LL R.E Martadinata /Riau St. (After Suis Butcher and just before Cafe Bali), Bandung

Other locations are also available now (updates TBA)


2 responses to “Kahvehane: Kopi Lay”

  1. Pierre Avatar

    Hello Rian
    I am quite excited to read about your blog as I am found of your country !
    I am pierre a french foodie based in Paris i have a blog dedicated to inventive french food so you can visit anytime you are very welcome
    see you soon !! Pierre

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Hi Pierre,

      Thanks for coming! I have also read your blog and it was awesome to see you create lovely dishes like those! Just lovely!
      Your blog certainly gives me inspiration to try more from French cuisine.
      Come again to Indonesia and find out more of our culinary heritage.
      I’ll see you soon too! ^^

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