If it wasn’t because of Michael’s favorite place in the American TV serial The Office, I wouldn’t have any idea about this place existence other than the huge billboard right on the top of the old Sarinah Building shopping mall in Jakarta. There were numerous scenes taken place here in the serial so I figured that this place must be quite popular back there in USA. When we arrived there though, the place seemed to be quite old but it was neat and quite freezing so you’d best wear something warm. I don’t know why they don’t seem to make an attempt to expand it like other American brands you can find easily here.

My last visit took place some time ago, so I’m scraping through the remnants of my old memory. I’m planning to visit the place again soon in the near future because this very experience was very worth remembering! And I shall tell you why. In the menu, we can now finally recognize what theme this restaurant brings. Perhaps at some point you’d think that this place only serve steaks but that’s not all, Chili’s combines the Western cuisine notably American with Mexican. The most obvious place where the two cultures met can be seen around the states of Texas, New Mexico, and California. This fusion genre is famously called Tex-Mex cuisine that of course stands for Texan-Mexican. You can refresh your geography lessons back then to find out where they blend. LOL

Among all the unusual Tex-Mex dishes you may find there, I finally made up my mind to combine several perks in one dishes. Yes! It’s the Combo Fajitas (IDR 115,900). It’s expensive I know, but here you can try beef and chicken at one time. Seemed to be very tempting if you see the picture. On the other hand, my dear partner picked the more conservative dish which was called Margarita Chicken (IDR 63,900). The drinks were the same routine. You can spend less here to pick better food. That’s actually my policy. For example in Japanese restaurants, most of them currently serve ocha for free. I’d say let’s not waste such opportunity by buying more expensive drinks. Better to put your money in good use by trying the more exotic delicacies they may offer or something that normally you wouldn’t even bother to pick which of course undoubtedly because of the price, right? In Chili’s of course, I recommend you to enact the policy without thinking because this is no place where you would spend your time like everyday unlike Michael in The Office. Ah! Talking about economics and the buying power…

Combo Fajitas
Combo Fajitas

At last the dishes arrived. We had been famished and the very sight of the dishes were very heartwarming yet triggered the lust to dig in as quick as we can! My pick was indeed a beautiful one. Perhaps many of us here still not familiar with this dish. There were three separate vessels. The chicken and the beef were served upon a hot plate and dressed in onions and capsicum. Very inviting! The second vessel was closed and for my surprise (forgive my virginity in Tex-Mex cuisine), it was filled with huge layers of tortilla. Okay, then the last vessel was filled with the dressings. There are 4 elements here, the sour cream, shredded lettuces, the legendary guacamole, and pico de gallo. Questions? Hesitate to ask. Because I found them out by myself and I can assure you that this dish was heavenly! It’s like you’re making a sandwich. You fill the tortilla with the meat and dress it up in any style you want! That simple. It may be awkward to taste unfamiliar dressings with ingredients I mentioned earlier but you won’t argue with me if you have tried it! Extraordinary indeed!

Margarita Chicken

My partner’s dish nonetheless, was also a brilliant one. It may seem like an ordinary Western dish with a little bit of Mexican touch. The grilled chicken topped with lemon and shredded tomatoes, onions, and friends. Below the chicken you can find nachos-like thin sticks. Accompanied by sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes snowed with cream-like cheese or something which I forgot. The most brilliant part was actually not the chicken, but it’s the potato! I tell you what, I HAVE NEVER TASTE MASHED POTATOES SO TASTY BEFORE IN MY LIFE ASIDE THE ONE HERE IN CHILI’S!!!!! I gotta scream! It was superb and I can’t say more in this. It’s like you’re given wings to fly. Seriously foodies, you gotta try it!

The dish proved to be too much to handle for my partner, so I must warn you that you gotta be really hungry if you’re coming here because it’s gonna be an adventure you’d surely won’t forget. I figure that people abroad notably in USA must be thinking that this place was only an ordinary Tex-Mex restaurant, but for a first timer like me, I can’t even forget how wonderful it was to be there even it took place almost a year ago. My dear foodies, let’s try it again then! ^^

The Judgment (based on scale of 10 score plus the comments):

1. PRICE (3/10)

A total of IDR 270,039 for two. It’s too expensive though I know some ingredients might be imported, but still…

2. INTERIOR (5/10)

Way too outdated..

3. SERVICE (4/10)

There was no greeter and we have to call someone out for help. That’s no good.

4. TASTE (8/10)

Superb mashed potato! The rests were great too.

5. OVERALL (5/10)

I don’t know why Chili’s just not expanding themselves knowing that they’ve been here since the 80s. Perhaps you guys put it too expensive for Indonesians pocket.

Additional Information:

Location : Sarinah Building 2nd Fl. Jakarta, Indonesia


5 responses to “Restaurant Review: Chili’s”

  1. godz Avatar

    When did you go to Chilli’s?
    I sort wondering if the price is still up to date…cause I want to bring my family here….

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Howdy! Well, I gotta admit that the last time I visited Chili’s was exactly a year ago. Counting on the memory to write it down. LOL
      But anyway, I suppose if there’s a change, it won’t be that significant. Just enjoy the ride while you’re there. ^^

  2. sonicrafter review Avatar

    Great post. Hope to see even more great posts in the near future.

  3. QuikSkoop™: H.E.M.A Restaurant « The Gastronomy Aficionado Avatar

    […] Anyway, we both picked the original dishes that go with Dutch names as well. Pretty strange but the one I had was Stamppot Met Worst (IDR 33,000). Basically just a mashed potato ‘planted’ with sausages but somehow beautifully decorated with liquid tomato sauce with diced vegetables and dressed up with cherry potato sliced into a flower. Reminds me of the same garnish from a dish at Sakana. It was good. The sauce was spicy, the sausage size was considerable and the mashed potato was okay but still lacking if compared with the all-time best Chili’s! […]

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