QuikSkoop™ : Nasi Kebuli H. Ali

It was the holy month of Ramadhan. Some of my colleagues, pursued by the spirit of devotion, routinely visit Masjid Al-Azhar for the Tarawih prayer, as for the rest of us including me were driven by the spirit of….. satisfying our growling stomaches! It’s 7 PM and we haven’t had any decent breakfasting menu so the idea about Nasi Kebuli seemed to be intriguing.

Just behind the Masjid, we found hawkers everywhere including the famous Roti Bakar Eddy, though I haven’t tried it myself. The stall that we’re looking for was Nasi Kebuli H. Ali. After we got seated, most of us ordered Nasi Kebuli Kambing and one of my colleagues had the one with chicken.

Nasi Kebuli Kambing

Just in case, if you’re not familiar with this dish, it’s actually a variant of the famous Biryani Rice. The essence of this cuisine was actually rice with many condiments and spice added with meat and pickles, but the combination of the ingredients and the name may vary between countries and in our case it’s become Nasi Kebuli. If it’s Middle Eastern or Indian/Pakistani, best to pick lamb/mutton as the meat.

For the moderate price of IDR 25,000 for lamb and IDR 20,000 for chicken, the taste was just ordinary. It’s not that spicy and fine for me though the humidity of Jakarta can be cruel even at night, so I got sweaty a bit but that’s okay like Chef Anthony Bourdain used to say while he’s eating, ‘I’m sweaty but I’m happy’. Anyhow, it’s a quite okay dinner and we all went away full but I was left unsatisfied.

Location : Jalan Raden Patah (nearby Roti Bakar Eddy and Al-Azhar University), Jakarta

QuikSkoop™ : Frozzio [CLOSED]

Nowadays, we seem to be inflicted with some sort of disease, an infection, a plague, which most of us feel strangely comfortable in.

It’s the frozen yogurt addiction!!
Even I got myself caught in the strings of devilicious yogurt traps!

The frozen yogurt with assorted toppings were introduced convincingly by Sour Sally quite recently. Overwhelmingly successful, Sour Sally creates many rivals in this business. Notably, J.Co with its J.Cool yogurt for instance and other minor rivals.

Small size Signature Yogurt with 2 toppings

But this one, Frozzio, was quite different. Instead of using a frozen yogurt machine, Frozzio serves their yogurt in ice cream containers. They serve 2 kinds of yogurt, Original and Signature. The difference was that the Signature yogurt was a bit sweeter than its counterpart and more expensive too, but both provide great, thick yogurt taste. Equip it with your favorite toppings and there you go, much better frozen yogurt than even Sour Sally’s. Frozzio itself was created just recently by Chef Felix, the owner of the prominent Wind Chime bistro in Bandung. A very idealistic person I’d must say, but everything he came out with was just great! I’ll tell you about his bistro next time.

The small size cup contains 5 small scoops of yogurt, if added with 2 toppings then the Original yogurt then it will cost you IDR 22,000 while the Signature yogurt will cost you IDR 28,000. Try it out at Istana Plaza Mall, Bandung and I guarantee that thou shalt not be disappointed. Yummy!!!

Location : Istana Plaza Shopping Mall 3F, Bandung

QuikSkoop™ : Braga Permai (FKA Maison Bogerijen)

This place dates back from the colonial era as a famous cafe even until now, the waning days of it, for the ice cream. Though the number of the customer’s now severely dwindling, Braga Permai is still hanging on. Braga Street and its surrounding pose the real problem. The local government’s failure to create continuity of the developments to boost the business and preservation of the old district of Bandung after the silly cobblestone project for the road resulted in the ‘hidup segan mati tak mau’ condition for Braga old businesses and one of them of course is Braga Permai.


But let us discuss only about the ice cream here. Heavily taxed up until 20% though fortunately quite reasonably priced for the ice cream. The average price of each of the ice cream menu was around IDR 20,000. I instantly picked Sengasengana, a weird name for a great ice cream parfait. The impressive mixture between vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice creams plus the whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and delicious thin chocolates that melt away created this awesome taste!

We also browsed through the pastries, marshmallows, and chocolates. The pastries were like the usual ones in bakery shops and the marshmallows, however eye-catching, failed to befriend themselves with the teeth. So my friend decided to buy a hundred grams of chocolates from every type available. Tagged for around IDR 35,000. Quite pricey and I forgot to try it by myself but I bet it was decent.

However uninviting Braga Street may be (cheers for the local government!), Braga Permai is still defending its dignity though I don’t know until when they’ll endure. But anyway, do come by anytime you want a good ice cream in Bandung.


Jalan Braga no. 58, Bandung – Indonesia

Food Court: The Kiosk Food Market

The Kiosk offers you food stalls from Bandung’s local specialties. The concept is quite similar but not exactly the same as Marche or Urban Kitchen in Jakarta but the selections and the price can be the very reason why you gonna love this place. Currently there are 3 places you can visit, one in Dago, Setiabudi, and in Braga.

Let me mention everything about the local specialties that available in this place. You can pick iga bakar, satay, nasi bakar, mie kocok kikil, soto sulung ayam, nasi liwet, lotek & rujak, es campur, nasi goreng, gudeg, nasi begana, bubur ayam, baso tahu, pempek, kupat tahu, ketan bakar, and batagor. All from local favorites such as Ronde Jahe Alketeri, Iga Bakar Si Jangkung, Pempek Rama, and many others!

Mie Kocok Kikil

My favorite there of course, Mie Kocok Kikil Kebon Jukut. The one I had that day was in Braga. What is Mie Kocok? Originated from Bandung, this type of noodle, resembling fettucine, is served with thick broth plus the diced cow’s leg (kikil) with many bean sprouts. Sometimes this dish can be added with meatballs but not here. You can have it for IDR 13,000 and for bigger portion IDR 17,000. Very decent and reasonably priced plus there’s plenty other options should you return next time to venture more inside. What more can you ask?


  1. Braga City Walk GF. Jl. Braga no. 99-101, Bandung
  2. Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no. 48, Bandung
  3. Setiabudi Supermarket 2F. Jl. Setiabudi no. 42, Bandung

QuikSkoop™ : Ginza Teppanyaki

Last night, we decided to go out since if not, we gonna have to endure the heat attack. Bandung has been severely hot in daylight, but luckily the night couldn’t have been friendlier.

Ginza Teppanyaki

After encountering congestion around Ciwalk and PVJ which we successfully dodged, so where else beside Istana Plaza as a good alternative besides experiencing traffic suicides? Since many restaurants closed for Lebaran, I figured that a mall would perhaps offer us better choices.

We went straight upstairs to the food court, just to find a new eatery specialized in Teppanyaki. They do, however serve Bento and Noodles in case the Teppan bar’s full, otherwise you need to wait for the seat.

The price was quite cheap, my mom picked Ginza I (Australian beef and mixed veggies) for only around IDR 25,000, while I picked Ginza II (Australian beef, chicken, and mixed veggies) for around IDR 35,000. I do however don’t recommend you to buy the juice for your drink since it’s not fresh, it’s only refrigerated Berri juices.

So we were led to the teppan bar alongside with plates full of veggies. The teppan chef directly cook the foodstuffs. He finishes the veggies first and then whatever comes next, beef, chicken, prawn, or salmon in accord with what you order. They tasted good indeed, very ‘pepperish’ and indulged you with the desire to add more rice. Plus that was probably my first time having a decent teppanyaki. A very hearty dish with a spectacle to enjoy, the teppan chef acting like bartender with the utensils while cooking. In the end, it was a very satisfying dinner. ^^


Istana Plaza Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor, CR2. Jl. Pasirkaliki 121 – 123, Bandung – Indonesia