Arguments to decide where we should eat at the state when our stomachs growling equals bad idea. It happened when me and my friends strolling around the vast Grand Indonesia newly opened theme stories (The Crossroads of The World). Several stories between Blitzmegaplex and the shopping mall are designated for entertainment and food zones. Several tenants have filled the space, but they seem to be separated with each other so we have to walk to and fro while arguing where we should eat. I came up with the idea for The Grand Duck King, but they seemed to be discouraged by the menu pictures. Well, I’ll save it for another occasion then. Anyway, long story short, we arrived in a bright place that goes with the name Y&Y.

Judging from the outside, this place was bright and shiny and the interior was quite neat actually and by the time we got inside, it’s actually quite comfortable. The white theme and the bright texture somehow deliver a pristine atmosphere. I must say I’m quite impressed, plus the installed “camouflaged” ceiling fans. That’s neat! You gotta see by yourself.

After observing the menu, Y&Y seemed to be a fusion genre kind of restaurant. Well, they provided dishes from appetizer to dessert, but all has the Japanese touch in it. The price seemed to be reasonable but I doubt that it’ll bring me satisfaction. They also promoted the Wagyu (Japanese superior quality beef) in the menu. Tempting, but I suppose, to be really satisfied with Wagyu, you need to visit either a true Japanese restaurant or a steakhouse. That would probably more suitable, but in terms of price, I warrant, you’re gonna think twice. Haha.. OK then. I happened to see this intriguing dish there. It’s a fusion pasta! After some deliberate consideration, I chose the Thyme & Parsley Escargot & Asparagus Fettuccine (IDR35,000). Seems like a good bargain. My friends seemed to be intrigued too and they picked with the Beetroot Fettuccine With Mix Mushrooms (IDR 35,000). Nowadays, we create pasta out of vegetables such as spinach, carrot, and even beetroot. So that makes pasta even more colorful. You know, it’s like when I was a kid, my mom used to told me that I’m not supposed to eat too much candy bars especially the colorful ones. She said that it’s not good for health because they put this artificial color on it. Notably like Yellow 5 and 6 in Pringles Cheese, well… not to also mention the MSG — our favorite thing from snacks! Anyway, this kind of thing really makes me a bit phobic when I’m facing colorful foods. A bit exaggeration, but after a while I realized that this is a pasta! So I assume there’s no need for me to worry.

Thyme & Parsley Pasta with Escargot & Asparagus

Well, in terms of taste, strangely decent! I mean it’s an odd mixture between asparagus and escargot (if they really put escargots in it) over pasta. The pasta itself was probably aglio e olio type (garlic and olive oil). I added parmesan to enhance the taste, but the original taste I must say was quite OK. Too bad they didn’t provide the life of Italian cuisine for the customers, it’s the olive oil. I took a turn to taste my friends’ dishes which happened to be the same. But this one turns to be a bit more exotic than mine. But mine’s definitely better in taste. So, the fettuccine itself was purple colored.. well you know.. the beetroot color, mixed with Japanese mushrooms like enoki and shiitake. Add more parmesan for more life. Enough for my insatiable appetite I suppose.

On another occasion (my second visit), the rice bowls were the theme of the day. Those were the Red Duck Curry Rice (IDR 45,000) and Mix Fishes/Sashimi Rice (IDR 48,000). I found these two were not enough to even satisfy my stomach, not to mention my judgment too. The duck one was quite OK but the ingredients were a bit imbalance. Well the veggies were dominating the taste instead of the duck but at least the sauce was able to balance it a bit. Uniquely served in stone bowl like when we used to live in the Stone Age. Haha… Meanwhile, my dish was the sashimi rice and served in clay pot bowl. Gotta be careful there. The whole idea was to have a clay pot rice with sashimi, but eventually as the rice got mixed with all, the sashimi were not raw anymore. So it’s more like the Pepper Lunch dishes where you semi-cook everything in your dish according to your preference. Anyway, they too provide this special sauce which definitely helps a lot! Cause the taste was really just so so. Still wasn’t good enough to meet my demands.

Mix Mushrooms Beetroot Pasta

So in the end, I conclude that actually this restaurant serves decent dishes but since most are fusion genre dishes, some of which may be total disasters! But gotta admit that the rest probably okay. The pricing is OK considering the Japanese ingredients for the fusion dishes. Not too pricey but definitely you can pick better place. I’ve seen better days in enjoying Japanese cuisine but combining it with Western doesn’t always work. Play safe here, lads!

The Judgment (based on scale of 10 score plus the comments):

1. PRICE (6/10)

– Calculation Method

GT = After Tax Principle Price x Service Tax

– Service Tax = 5%.

– Grand Total = IDR 190,575 (First visit, three people); IDR 136,290 (Second visit, 2 people)

2. INTERIOR (7/10)

Coolly designed! Although dominated by white color, but still gives the calming atmosphere. I love the camo ceiling fans!

3. SERVICE (5/10)

Just fine. Too bad they don’t provide olive oil, but at least they got parmesan (unlike the stingy Pizza Hut!)

4. TASTE (6/10)

Quite decent, but you should still play safe and pick the right dish according to your intuition. The pasta dishes are recommended.

5. OVERALL (6/10)

Probably okay for the first couple visits, but soon you’ll get bored. Worth a single try.

Additional Information:

Location :

Y&Y Steak
Pacific Place, 4th Fl #4-65
Jakarta 12190
(021) 5797-3137

Y&Y Nasi+
Pacific Place, 4th Fl #4-72
Jakarta 12190
(021) 5797-3127

Grand Indonesia, West Mall- 3A, Entertainment District 1 #23
(021) 2358-0825



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