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Rian Farisa stars himself in a flick about how a culinary correspondent living a life full of adventures as if he will live forever. At the end of the day, he lives to retell the chronicles of his swashbuckling daring gastronomic adventures like a bard singing his tales of beautiful faraway lands. Since gastronomy consists of complex aspects and that is where his passion lies, he decided to unravel how businessmen, hawkers and luxurious restaurants alike, serve their dishes for the patrons. Whether they only serve for the advantages in taste or only the surroundings or whether they really throw anything for the sake of customer's satisfaction, he shall be solely the only one who can tell and in the name of this noble profession, justice shall be done!

Foodie Quotes #35

“Vegetarians are cool. All I eat are vegetarians – except for the occasional mountain lion steak.”
Ted Nugent

Fun Food Facts #18

Fun Food Facts #18:



  • Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat, which is easily burned for energy.
  • An avocado has more than twice as much potassium as a banana.
  • For a delicious, creamy salad dressing, mix together avocado and fresh carrot juice.


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Menu Highlights: Experience Argentina 2015 (C’s Steak & Seafood – Grand Hyatt, Jakarta)

For limited time only from 18-25 May 2015, C’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant of Grand Hyatt Jakarta will be presenting a complete set of Argentinian dishes under the supervision of Chef Federico Ferrari from Park Hyatt Buenos Aires.

From starter to finish, the guests will be able to sample modern Argentinian flavors and its strong roots involving the use of good meat and seafood, grilling, native ingredients, and also the dulce de leche!

By all means, let us skip right ahead to the best lineup I had during my visit there. Afterwards, I know you will say, “Let’s give it a try right away!”



The appetizers were intriguing and also familiar at the same time. For instance, the empanadas / the classic beef turn over were something that we all like to snack from time to time in a form of “pastel“, but this one is different, of course. Filled with high quality beef and potato, it was designed in a way for us to fully harness its simple yet fulfilling qualities.

As for the provolone cheese, it was just adorable. The use of almond sauce and preserved tomatoes brought us such sweetness that matched the cheese right away. Even if we’re only nibbling small snacks, I’d be happy to ravish this one until we ran out of it!

The strangest part would be the sweetbreads and lucky for me, I had this one before with Chef Matt Demery. This one has that brainy consistency with the offal-y flavor which may be considered easy only for those with acquired taste. Nevertheless, I had some of it and kinda enjoyed it actually.

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Experience Argentina 5
Provoleta de cabra
C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Experience Argentina 6
Empanadas de carne


C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Experience Argentina 4
Mollejas caramelizadas




This is the part that I really fancy most. With appetizing options ranging from skillfully grilled tenderloin, sirloin, and octopus – all served with chimichurri sauce and roasted garlic cream; this was obviously the best part of the show and it was proven!

I even decided to just fill my plate only with a little carbs such as the mashed potatoes with semi-salted butter and skipping on having too much delicious smoked pumpkin puree just for the sake of the meat.

The octopus was cooked intelligently so that it didn’t have the overly chewy consistency anymore like in sashimi, and the smoky feel as well as the overall taste pacified my senses with such pleasure! The meat was, without doubt, a formidable peer to the octopus as well.

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Experience Argentina 7
Del mar
C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Experience Argentina 8
Raza Black Angus

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Experience Argentina 1



Ah the classic dulce de leche with cake and meringue. On the other plate, the bread pudding. These classic desserts were so tantalizing that I even spare a lot of space for these. Both of them are the must-try from this section, even though I had too much meat before.

C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Experience Argentina 2
Rogel con dulce de leche y merengue
C's Steak & Seafood Restaurant - Experience Argentina 3
Budin de pan



Halal-friendly (some menu may contain alcohol)
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Grand Hyatt, Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.21.2970.4981 ext. 438


Opening hours:
Daily, 12pm – 3pm (lunch), 6pm – 10.30pm (dinner)

The Poetic Gourmet: Ketoprak (Tahu Telor) Ciragil

Ah ketoprak. Tentu saja tidak ada satu jiwapun di Jakarta yang tidak menyukainya, bahkan banyak orang di pulau Jawa sekalipun. Dengan berbagai versi independennya seperti kupat tahu dari Jawa Barat atau lontong balap dari Surabaya, sepertinya kita sudah kelewat intim dengan hidangan yang satu ini.

Lima dekade telah berselang sejak pembukaan perdana kedai ketoprak yang masih mempertahankan kesederhanaannya ini. Kembali, siapa yang tidak mengenal Ketoprak Ciragil di ibukota ini? Meskipun tersedia dengan porsi yang tidak terlalu mengenyangkan, terkhusus untuk para kaum pekerja lelaki yang terbiasa dengan setumpuk nasi untuk makan siang, rupa-rupanya popularitas kedai satu ini tetap bertahan baik.

Setelah sekian lama tidak berkunjung, akhirnya saya berkesempatan memperkenalkannya kepada sang istri. Beruntung kami datang setelah jam makan siang dan suasana sudah berangsur-angsur menjadi tenang. Mohon maklum, datang tepat pada waktu makan siang; bersiap-siaplah untuk selalu menagih pesanan Anda karena tak kunjung datang.

Kali ini ketoprak yang saya pesan langsung saya sandingkan dengan telur dadar. Maklum, saya ingin menikmati dua hidangan sekaligus dalam satu piring. Yang pertama adalah ketoprak dan yang kedua adalah tahu telur!

Ketoprak Ciragil 1

Sang istri melahap suap demi suap dengan kegairahan yang belum pernah saya saksikan sebelumnya, apalagi untuk sepiring ketoprak. Lain halnya bila melihatnya menikmati fish and chips atau ketika berkunjung ke Chili’s. Padahal baru saja dia menghabiskan sirloin sepiring untuk makan siang!

Memang citarasa Ketoprak Ciragil cocok untuk kita-kita. Dengan bumbu kacang yang di-blender halus, menjadikan semuanya terasa lebih silky sekaligus manis. Sepertinya saat itu sang abang mempersiapkan porsi ekstra sehingga meskipun makan berdua, terasa tetap banyak bila dirasa-rasa kembali.

Ketika sang telur dibiarkan begitu saja, maka itulah kesempatan saya menikmati versi hybrid yang sengaja-tidak sengaja terbentuk dengan sendirinya. Dengan tauge serta tahu, sepertinya persyaratan dasar tahu telur Surabaya sudah lumayan tercapai dan sayapun menikmatinya.

Memang cukup mengejutkan dengan harus membayar Rp 20,000 untuk sepiring penuh ini, tapi saya bersyukur karena sepertinya makan romantis kali ini berjalan sukses. Nah, selanjutnya kita akan menuju Sate Padang Ajo Ramon untuk ronde ketiga!


Address: Jalan Ciragil (across the bridge from Dapur Ciragil), Jakarta – Indonesia

TGA Teaser: The Invisible Coffee Plantation

Now, before I post the article about my very first visit to a coffee plantation, allow me to share some of the pictures taken during our road trip there. Here goes!

The coffee plantation lies hidden beneath the thick pine forest, uphill of Bandung. The surroundings were beautiful and serene. However, quite unfortunate for most – an entry here is forbidden unless you are a farmer or somebody from military.

After some intense research and helped by a prominent coffee master, I finally got myself a ticket to ride here with my entourage!

So, like I said before, here are the pictures and more on the story will be available soon on TGA!

Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 3 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 1 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 4 Coffee Plantation - Situ Lembang 2