A Foodie’s Life: Sandra Djohan (The Foodie Magazine, May 2014)

Meet bubbly and bouncy chef, Sandra Djohan, as she takes us for a stroll down memory lane with her immense love for food, travel, and photography.

Chef Sandra Djohan
Chef Sandra Djohan

Behind the façade of Epilogue – a homey French restaurant with its joglo façade, lies a story of immense life experience from its chef and owner, Sandra Djohan. Despite the Javanese influence seen from the architecture and its classic tiles often found in colonial houses in the restaurant, you will also see traces of French mementos from trinkets and personal photos taken personally by the owner.

“Photography is my other hobby aside from traveling and cooking, and these used to be what I cling dearly during my rebellious adolescent years abroad”, confessed Sandra. During her initial years in the USA of being ‘disciplined’ in an academy, she developed her experience working in the school’s kitchen and also in her pastimes for traveling around America as much as possible.

Sandra Djohan 2 Sandra Djohan 1

Her thirst for adventure continued to strengthen as she reached her college years in London. “There was one time when I skipped the whole semester just to assist my lecturer for his photography project in South Africa. Without hesitation, I accepted the job right away!” said Sandra. She admits that wherever she goes, not only that she savors her day in taking photographs or merely enjoys the travel, but she mingles with the locals as well to learn how they cook their food.

How could she travel a lot back then as a college student? Sandra admits that she used to cook and sell Mexican lunchboxes to her friends while also doing the laundry and dishwashing as well for extra cash. “I topped up my allowances with these incomes so that I could travel around Europe. During which, I enjoyed my stay with the locals weekly in different places and learn a lot about them”, said the chef who excels in at least five languages.

Sandra Djohan 4 Sandra Djohan 3

Sandra’s many months in South Africa finally took its toll as her father Robby Djohan, the brilliant CEO of prominent companies in Indonesia, suddenly decided to visit Europe and also to attend her graduation ceremony in England. “You can’t imagine what it was like when my father found out that I was skipped uni!” shouted Sandra still horrified imagining how furious her father was back then.

Back home, she survived her years working and traveling locally until she would be given another opportunity to go abroad by her parents to take care of her younger sibling who was about to enter college in Australia. There, Sandra became more and more attached to cooking and finally after so many years of convincing her father, she displayed her real talent with it – still studying wherever she can, opened up restaurants, and just recently, published her own cook book called “From My Kitchen To Yours”.

"From My Kitchen To Yours" by Chef Sandra Djohan
“From My Kitchen To Yours” by Chef Sandra Djohan

“The book is basically about everyday recipes that you can follow easily”, announced Sandra during her book launching event on a separate occasion. Currently she’s also preparing for another book based on her inspiration drawn from the travels.

“One of the most exciting things I still do on my weekends is the Sunday Drunk!” says Sandra explaining this particular inspiration she got when back in France. During Sunday Drunk, usually she teams up with other 20 or 30 chefs and they cook all day at a friend’s house or anybody who got a good kitchen. “We take turns cooking, eating, and sharing the secrets about our recipes. Some of them even came from Michelin-starred restaurants and they don’t mind sharing the techniques with everyone!” admitted Sandra.

Here, she tried also to reenact that moment almost every Sunday with her closest friends and family members. “One rule of thumb is that you cannot take a shower to start your day and just go straight to the kitchen to cook and eat together!” she said merrily laughing. For her, sharing the ideas and recipes on this kind of occasion will educate and inspire everyone to cook better.

When asked about her future plans, she said, “I used to live by the moment when I was younger, but now I’d love to study more to become a better chef and one day I will open up my own cooking school and have my skillful chef friends as the tutors there!”

For that she just acquired herself a good place to start on an undisclosed area in Jakarta. Upon her return next year from her study which she will start around November this year, we might see great things coming up from our effervescent chef, Sandra Djohan.


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE May 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict, Rian Farisa, and Sandra Djohan’s personal collections

How It Was Started: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Never before I found myself thinking at how could the Brits invented something so monumental in the culinary world other than the French. And this is why I should tell you about a lady once known as Agnes Marshall and her ice cream affairs, involving liquid nitrogen.

Agnes Marshall

The molecular gastronomy technique may perhaps was made known by Hervé This several decades ago and even more popular by celebrity chefs such as Heston Blumenthal or Ferran Adria. But many don’t know it was originally a Victorian era lady who actually invented the instant freeze technique for ice cream.

Of course it is also hard not to credit the French or the Austrian who were known for their excellence in culinary fields since long ago. It was also true that Agnes Marshall was once educated in Paris and Vienna. So there you go, a credit for you dear continental friends!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Creams from Ron's Laboratory
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Creams from Ron’s Laboratory


However, the credit eventually goes back for Agnes Marshall as quoted from Hervé This’ book “Kitchen Mysteries: Revealing The Science of Cooking”:

“In 1901, at the Royal Institution of London, Agnes B. Marshall invented an ideal method for preparing ice cream or sorbet. It is ideal because, using her process, the ice crystals are tiny, as desired, and the preparation is extremely light because of the countless air bubbles introduced into it. And last but not least, the preparation can be made at the table, before your guests, in a few seconds. What is this marvelous contribution to gastronomy?

Agnes Marshall proposed abandoning the classic, old-fashioned ice cream maker for liquid air, or, more precisely, liquid nitrogen. This transparent liquid, present in all chemistry and physics laboratories, is nothing other than nitrogen from air that has been cooled to -196C. I do not have to tell you that that is very cold.

When it is (slowly) poured into a preparation for ice cream or sorbet, it vaporizes immediately, absorbing the preparation’s heat and instantly freezing it. Penetrated by the cold, the preparation becomes filled with tiny ice crystals, while the liquid air passes into a gaseous state; the air bubbles are trapped in the ice cream or sorbet.

The whole thing takes place in an impressive cloud of white mist, the same kind that is used in shooting films when the director asks for fog. A guaranteed success!”

Liquid Nitrogen Strawberry Ice Cream from LIN
Liquid Nitrogen Strawberry Ice Cream from LIN

That’s how impressively Hervé This described the whole invention done by Agnes Marshall so poetically that will surely make any scientific, nerdy, dessert-loving people run right away to the nearest ice cream parlor. That’s how we cherish upon the invention made by the lady, even I found from one source who describes Agnes Marshall as an “ice cream hottie”.

In addition to that, Agnes Marshall also published books about ice cream and cookery while also living a unique life at that time as a public lecturer, cooking instructor, and also running a school of cookery. It is much like nowadays dream job for young aspiring chefs in Indonesia, more than a century later after Mrs Marshall.

Halal-Certified Restaurants: South Sulawesi – Indonesia (per August 2014)

List of MUI halal-certified restaurants in the province of South Sulawesi as per August 2014, sourced from DetikFood and Halal Corner:

    CV Azzahra Kembang Doery
    Jl. Takalar 3 Blok L 151, BSP, Makassar
    Rice Chicken
    Jl. Talasalapang No. 1 A, Makassar
    Rumah Makan Katedoe Resto (CV Katedoe Kasih Jaya)
    Jl. Baiturrahman No. 4, Makassar
    Waroeng Steak & Shake
    Jl. Boulevard Blok A3 No. 5, Makassar
    Jl. Merdeka No. 46, Makale, Tana Toraja
    Mitra Patma
    Jl. Ampera No. 21, Makale, Tana Toraja
    Warung Makan ‘Bengawan Solo’
    Jl. Nusantara No. 61, Tana Toraja



Cover Feature: Craving For Crustaceans – Seafood 45 (The Foodie Magazine, May 2014)

Seafood 45 2

Let’s call it, splurging economically, wanting to spend a bigger budget but still not breaking the bank. I’m sure you can relate to this. Seafood hawkers are among the best choices to splurge economically. They are lively, have plenty of dish options, and of course, have crustaceans every day!

Among the top favorites, people may go for are boiled shrimps. You may even witness people who only eat so many shrimps without rice! Crab is of course, are a highly prized treat that people reserve for special occasions. For that, we decided to savor the crab dish with Padang sauce from Seafood 45, just a few hundred meters away before Cipete intersection if you’re coming from Blok M.

Seafood 45 1

Considering the moderate size, the flesh was pretty abundant for two people, especially if you’re the type who fancies sucking it down from the tiny crevices. In addition, the sweet and savory butter-sauce stir-fry prawns were also a delectable option. We all do love to have something rather sweet in nature especially after the fiery Padang sauce of the crab. Complement it all with the vegetables and warm rice, and that’s pretty much it – your once-in-a-while luxury right down in the neighborhood on the side of the street.


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan R.S. Fatmawati no. 45, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.9530.5999

Opening hours:
Everyday – dinner only


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE May 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict

Apresiasi Hidangan Oriental (PERMATA, June 2014)

Salah satu tujuan utama berkunjung ke Grand Indonesia shopping mall selain berbelanja tentu tiada lain dan bukan adalah untuk penjelajahan kulinernya yang dikenal sangat berwarna. Terlebih geliat penjelajahan ini belakangan semakin terasa di hati tiap-tiap warga ibukota pada khususnya, apalagi karena memang pesona kuliner kini semakin bercahaya di era digital ini.

Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant sebagai salah satu brand upscale dari grup Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding, yang dikenal dengan segenap jaringan restoran bertemakan Chinese cuisine yang terkemuka di Asia Pasifik, dan kini telah hadir kembali setelah relokasi tahun lalu dan menempati sudut terbesar dan termegah di Grand Indonesia.

Permata - Crystal Jade 3

Sejak pertama dibuka pada tahun 2007 lalu, Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant senantiasa mendapatkan apresiasi lebih dari para pengunjungnya yang berkeinginan untuk menikmati keanekaragaman masakan Cantonese yang menjadi tema utamanya. Tentunya pengalaman ini tidak lengkap tanpa juga melihat apa yang telah dipersiapkan oleh restoran ini dari segi fasilitasnya.

Dengan total kapasitas duduk yang sangat memadai yaitu sebesar 304 pax dengan berbagai peruntukannya, Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant menjadi pilihan tepat untuk berbagai acara seperti lunch serta dinner reguler, acara keluarga seperti ulang tahun, berbagai event korporasi, serta bahkan resepsi pernikahan. Kapasitas besar ini kemudian dibagi lagi khusus dengan banquet room yang berkapasitas 150 pax serta terdapat juga 7 kamar VIP.

Dari segi desain interior, konseptor mumpuni asal Jepang yaitu Yasuhiro Koichi yang kondang dengan hasil-hasil karyanya di berbagai hotel berbintang lima serta restoran terkenal di berbagai penjuru dunia adalah tokoh di belakang mewahnya penampilan dari Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant.

Perpaduan karakter Timur yang tampil dominan dari tema restoran ini sendiri berhasil diimbangi dengan baik dengan gaya modern khas Barat, terutama dari penampilan chandelier kristal yang begitu elegan dan bercahaya yang menyinari dining hall utama dari restoran ini.

Sisi menarik lainnya adalah suasana ruangan-ruangan VIP menjadi terasa begitu personal karena pengunjung diajak untuk menyusuri lorong-lorong di satu bagian besar restoran dimana ruang-ruang tersebut bertempat. Dengan berbagai ukuran yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan pengunjung, Anda juga dapat menikmati makan malam romantis dengan minimum jumlah pembelanjaan tertentu.

Permata - Crystal Jade 2

Menuju menu makanannya, Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant tentu mengimbangi segala penampilan megahnya dengan menu yang tidak kalah menarik. Sebagai contoh, Bebek Peking Panggang yang selalu menjadi ciri khas kuliner Cina tersaji dengan begitu menggugah seleranya. Kulit bebek yang renyah berpadu apik dengan saus hoisin yang manis dan bergabung menjadi isian lumpia yang dipadankan dengan kerupuk yang khas. Bisa dibayangkan adanya ledakan rasa manis yang begitu berisi serta tekstur lembut dan renyah dalam satu gigitan saja!

Tidak hanya itu, daging dari Bebek Peking tersebut bisa Anda pilih untuk diolah kembali menjadi berbagai hidangan lainnya sesuai selera. Salah satunya yang menarik adalah Selada Daging Cincang Bebek, dimana daging bebek yang telah dicincang dan disajikan bersama mie renyah lalu dikombinasikan dengan lembaran-lembaran selada hijau segar. Selanjutnya daging cincang tersebut diletakkan di atas selada untuk kemudian dinikmati sekaligus. Kembali rasa gurih bebek cincang berpadu serasi dengan kerenyahan dari selada segar tersebut.

Berbagai pilihan menarik lainnya yang layak dicoba adalah seperti hotplate iga sapi khas Taiwan dengan bawang putih, mei cai yang terdiri dari tiga jenis sayuran, serta ifu mie dengan udang, bahkan menu-menu istimewa yang layak disajikan untuk saat-saat istimewa Anda sepertitim ikan kerapu, tumis ikan malas, hingga angsio hisit serta abalone asal Afrika Selatan juga menjadi andalan dari Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant.

Permata - Crystal Jade 1

Terkhusus untuk para pengguna kartu debit serta kartu kredit Permata Bank, jangan lewatkan kesempatan untuk mendapatkan diskon hingga sebesar 20% untuk berbagai jenis hidangan Bebek. Maksimalkan kesempatan ini untuk menikmati tidak hanya Bebek Peking Panggang dengan sajian keduanya yang memiliki begitu banyak kombinasi, namun juga untuk Bebek Panggang Ala Crystal Jade serta Lusuy Bebek Ala “Teochew”. Kesempatan ini hanya berlaku hingga 31 Juli 2014.

Singkat kata, selamat menikmati kunjungan Anda di Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant!



  • Some of the dishes feature pork and alcohol.
  • Ask also for the use of lard or angciu
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, East Mall, Unit No. EM-UG-01, Jalan MH. Thamrin no. 1, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.2358.0768

Opening hours:
LUNCH: 11am – 3pm
DINNER: 6pm – 10pm

Website: www.crystaljade.com


Permata - Crystal Jade 4

Featured in PERMATA – Permata Bank Priority Magazine June 2014 edition (unedited)

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

The exciting gastronomic escapades of a stylish gourmet!


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